Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Powerful, original, real, honest and incredibly memorable!


Born and raised on the wild streets of Whitby Ontario, a suburban town just east of Toronto, Vic's first major musical awakening came from hearing one of his father’s many Bruce Springsteen records. The song was called “Hungry Heart”. Whether it was the heartfelt, haunting lyrics of loss and longing or the great melody in the song that touched him first, Vic himself is not sure, what is certain is from that moment forward Vic began to forge his musical destiny, singing and eventually taking up the guitar at around the age of seven years old. Vic’s main musical inspirations growing up were the great mainstream singer/songwriters of the last 3-4 decades, Springsteen, Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young and Willie Nelson all made an impression on Vic as a young man.

It was entering his teenage years that Vic discovered Jimi Hendrix and bands like AC/DC and Van Halen, all which were a major influence on his evolution as a developing guitarist. It was at around this time that Vic became certain that one day he would love nothing more than to start a great Rock band that truly knew what entertaining/feel-good rock n roll was all about. Vic moved away from Whitby in 1999 at the age of 18 to Midland On. It was during his time in Midland that Vic began to permanently turn to songwriting and music as a way express himself.

Vic had written about 3 songs that he and his family loved by the spring of 2003. At this time Vic decided he needed to move out of Midland to Toronto and did exactly that when he enrolled at Humber College. In 2004 Vic began networking with some local musicians, recorded some demos and began playing live shows in and around Toronto, he hasn't stopped recording or playing live since, Vic feels that all he needs now is the right stage/opportunity to share and inspire people with his musical story. The story is nowhere close to finished yet.

Set List

Point Of Pride
Afraid To Fly
Locked and Loaded
Nobody's Right
Less To Give
Down with the Dark
The Last Time