Vic Spencer

Vic Spencer

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

Five albums in, and nearly a decade older than the rappers he’s associated with, Vic Spencer is fully aware of his stature. He, like anyone, could always be more popular or respected. He’s also better than he gets credit for now. Vic’s neither drill nor Kanye disciple, and not fitting into either category is as artistically freeing as it is commercially limiting coming from Chicago.


Vic began his career as an MC in 1994, formulating his unique angle on sharp wit and comedic delivery of rap lyrics that has not and can not be duplicated. The formula has been perfected 20 years after his first cipher and the buzz around Spencer has grown astronomically from the enormous amount of projects, collaborative efforts and features Vic has put out over the last few years.

Over the past five years, Vic Spencer has become one of the most respected figures in underground Chicago hip-hop. The Englewood rapper keeps his name in the local headlines with a constant stream of loose tracks whose titles often effectively sum up the snarky, acutely self-aware attitude of his lyrics: "G File Clerk", "A Blog Write-Up", or "Loop God". Though his reputation has grown thanks in part to his collaborations with Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, and acclaimed "soultrap" rapper/producer Tree, Spencer is a proud free agent who vocally dismisses the noise surrounding his city’s hip-hop landscape and stays committed to—even obsessed with—forging his own path.


-Vic Magorium's Hip-Hop Emporium (Brainiac Society X Fake Shore Drive, October 2009)
-We're Just Disappointed (Brainiac Society, July 2010)
-Go Louis:Vic Spencer X Black Spade(Brainiac Society, March 2011)
-Vic Greenthumbs (Brainiac Society, September 2011)
-Hard Bars: Vic Spencer X D2G (SUH, October 2011)
-Vic Spencer Presents: Walk Away Music (Brainiac Society, July 2012)
-ANTiERTHANG: Vic Spencer X Griffen X Fat Boi Wiz (September 2012)
-Spence Ethic: Vic Spencer X iKaz (October 2012)