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"Going To Be Huge"

Let’s see now, raw? Yes. Dirty? Uh huh. Fun? check! Yep, Victor Bravo has it all... VB does what all good Rock n’ Roll does- it makes you want to drink beer, jump around and have fun.

The songs from the EP on the site are great. The first song, "Dallas", starts soft and then kicks into a rollicking crusher with a bit of a funky beat. Simple, yet totally effective. The second song, "Binge" (my personal favorite), starts off reminding me a bit of the Replacements, then hooks a left turn into Husker Du territory before I know what to do with myself. The third song, "Sarbanes-Oxley" (named after the corporate accounting reform bill), is kind of a mid-tempo romp through the land of Enron, politics and fraud...

There are a million good bands out there, but Victor Bravo is great. Write it down somewhere -- on a cigarette box or HoHo wrapper if ya have to -- these guys are going to be huge.

- Rob Green, C60Crew, 6/10/07


This explosive four-song EP shreds ahead with a sound harkening straight back to the flannel-waisted glory days of "college rock," and refreshingly so. In the midst of a scene still heavily reliant on the eighties, it’s about time someone pried a few nails off the old grunge coffin, which is exactly what Victor Bravo manages to do with balls and originality. Opening song "Dallas" could easily be mistaken for an outtake from Mudhoney’s quitessential Superfuzz Bigmuff, all the way down to the gritty Mark Arm-like falsetto, and the band makes no bones about its influences. Mudhoney is indeed given thanks on the inlay, along with Juliana Hatfield, L7, Superchunk, Love Battery - a veritable pantheon of indie greatness. The middle two songs sever this anchor in favor of some fully inventive and more up-to-date rockin’, followed by another Mudhoney-esque bombshell to round out the set. Victor Bravo may well be the grunge fetishist’s messiah, and this audacious cut, short but sweet, is well worth any good rock fan’s attention.

- Steve Gunn, Online Rock, 4/23/07

"Bravo, Victor Bravo!"

Shut Out The Sky is four slices snarling pie, with dirty electric guitar and snotty vocals its primary ingredients. Colin Frendz, on vocals and guitars, and Dan Collins at the drums, are the chefs of this harsh dish... This music brings back memories of bands like The Seeds, where guys holed up in garages with guitars and amps, and shouted out the unfiltered truth... Bravo, Victor Bravo!

- Dan MacIntosh,, 4/7/07

"Remember Ramones?"

The songs on the Shut Out the Sky EP are straight forward, catchy, and Collin has a distinctive voice that again reminds me of both late-sixties garage rock bands and mid-seventies punk. Remember when the Ramones did an album of sixties cover songs?... 'Toxic Tornado' is probably my favorite song on here with a bouncy vocal melody, and Collin does a good job of snarling out the words. Not bad at all for a punk-rock garage band that has its roots in Maine and Indiana and is alive and well and kicking ass in New York, NY.

- Sebastian Gregory,, 4/1/07

"Instant Favorite"

[A]n instant favorite... Shut Out the Sky is a four-song, sixteen-minute slice of snarling punk plucked straight from Iggy Pop or Husker Du’s back catalog... with [Binge's] choppy bursts of guitars and Frendz’s manic posturing, the track is nothing short of dynamic, seamlessly mixing catchy refrains with aggressive energy... Rounding things out is "Toxic Tornado," a wailing, declarative rocker reminiscent of the Ramones. Tightly executed and brimming with frantic exuberance... If this is what they can do with a four-track EP, a full-length album is sure to be absolutely explosive.

- Melanie Love, The Daily Vault, 3/23/07

"Rock Renaissance"

New York City’s rock renaissance continues with the advent of Victor Bravo, a basic rock power trio with a calling card EP, Shut Out the Sky. Drawing on the punk-fueled energy of classic underground acts like Hüsker Dü and the 60s garage rock tradition, the Bravos spit out four loogies of melodic, aggressive rock/pop, highlighted by "Binge" and "Dallas"...

- Michael Toland, High Bias, 3/22/07

"Garage Rock Juggernaut"

Victor Bravo is a stripped-down garage rock juggernaut of Collin Frendz on fuzzy guitar and echoey howl-at-the-moon vocals and Dan Collins on twitchy drums... terrific, swaggering snot-nosed anthems in the tradition of rural pissed-off teens from 1966 on. "Binge" is an irresistibly Dionysian release, though "Sarbanes-Oxley" (named for the 2002 corporate accounting reform act) is hardly a typical lowbrow theme.

- Kim Cooper, Lost in the Grooves, 2/8/07

"Old School Punk"

["Dallas"] has an old school punk vibe that is adeptly mixed, upbeat and does not suffer from being played too fast to groove.... "Binge" is a dynamic rocker that employs flattering effects on a howling vocal performance, and showcases a creative guitar part, nicely supported by solid 8th note bass work and powerful, economic drumming... "Toxic Tornado" is an exuberant Ramones-style rocker...the band once again demonstrates they know how to effectively use their musical chops.

Since the late 1970's, New York has been a haven for bands honing the art of punk playing live at legendary venues like CBGB's and Max's Kansas City... Victor Bravo carries on this musical tradition with similar passion...

- Phillip E. Hardy, Sound the Sirens, 2/26/07

"NYC Needs Victor Bravo"

Much like Mudhoney's classic ode to diseased behavior, "Touch Me I'm Sick," Victor Bravo produce nauseating noise that owes as much to early punk as it does 90's grunge. "Dallas" takes twangy guitar and breaks it into sludgy chords that would have pleased grunge-era Subpop, and "Toxic Tornado" packs snarled vocals into a song laced with angst. Victor Bravo don't stop there though: "Binge" is an angular assault worthy of Gang of Four, and the mid-tempo "Sarbanes-Oxley" dances around lyrics dealing with political scandal and fraud. NYC needs Victor Bravo. The city that nurtured the likes of Iggy Pop, the Dead Boys and even GG Allin should continue the legacy of sick, depraved rock n' roll; thakfully, there is. - Bill Dvorak, The Deli Magazine, Winter 2007


Shut Out the Sky (EP), August 2006
Launch and Ascending: The First 10 Months Live, May 2007
Sky Full Of Messages (EP), April 2008



“Sick, depraved rock n’ roll…NYC needs Victor Bravo.” -The Deli Magazine

This Brooklyn-based, 2-piece garage/punk outfit has performed constantly without a break at clubs in New York City since 2006. The band, comprised of childhood friends Collin Daniels on vocals and guitar, and Daniel Collins on drums, toured heavily in 2008. Now regulars at clubs throughout the northeast U.S., the band also burned through a highly successful self-booked tour of the Midwest this summer – hitting Cleveland, Chicago, Saint Louis and Kansas City. All this in addition to self-releasing their second EP Sky Full of Messages (indie legend Mike Watt and Ohio’s Times New Viking are among those who own a copy), and attracting the attention of up-and-coming NYC director Ken Shadford (who has produced music videos for Team Robespierre, among others) to direct their YouTube hit video for the song ‘Binge.’

This year Victor Bravo was also hand-picked by fellow NYC band Goes Cube (who have appeared at both the prestigious South by Southwest and CMJ Music Marathon festivals, and recently signed to Spectrum Music Management and TKO Booking) to open a sold-out show for their friends on tour from Austin, Texas, The Midgetmen (awarded 2nd Best Punk band in The Austin Chronicle).

With ample capacity to travel, the duo plans to increase their touring throughout the eastern seaboard and across the U.S. in 2009. The group is also aggressively pursuing slots at major festivals and showcases, and looking to obtain management, booking representation.