Victor Brooks

Victor Brooks


Victor Brooks has been able to combine his life span influences of Traditional Jazz, Mahalia Jackson, Steely Dan, Micheal Franks, Marvin Gaye Al Green and Antonio Carlos Jobim into one sound that is called SAMBA SOUL.


Like many other artists, Victor began singing in church with his parents at the age of 6. When he was a teen he moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he was exposed to the priceless sounds and grooves coming from BEAL STREET.

Once Victor was introduced to this realm, he began to ditch church choir practice and sneak to the clubs in Memphis to see first hand legands like Al Green, Isaac Hayes, The Emotions, Maurice White and EWF, The Barkays and so many other classic STAX Records artists. His favorite venue was Marmalade's on 3rd and Vance, there he was able to get his feet wet on stage under the eye and ear of Audie Smith.

At 13 Victor met and befriended Bernard Staton who was the lead guitarist and co-songwriter for Al Green. Bernard taugh Victor the basics of playing the guitar. Soon under Bernard's direction Victor was singing and writing his own material.

Eventually the mentors of Victor's life began to see that all they had taught him over the years was paying off. People such as Little Richard, Clifton Davis and Andrae Crouch began to kick up his life classes and brought him into their professional worlds...Victor was paying his dues. The payoffs were not to bad for the mentors...Little Richard co-wrote a song with Victor for his (Little Richard) 1986 album release "Lifetime Friend" The song was I found my Way..My Father's House.

After that Clifton Davis and Andrae Crouch included Victor in the performance choir for the NBC television show "AMEN". In 1988 Phillip Michael Thomas invited Victor to come and join him in Miami and soon Victor was included in the artist/production family under PMT Productions. Victor moved back to LA and began gigs with another mentor and friend Wayne Vaughn. These shows would bring together on one stage names such as The Emotions, Evelyn Champagne King, New Birth, Maurice White, Taste of Honey and many other classic Soul and R&B names. These people were Victor's Teachers and protectors. They scolded him, as well as helped him all in one hug.

Needless to say, Brasil has become a second home to Victor and has increased his family ratio. But most of all it has given him the opportunity to begin again his true passion of music!

In 1989 Victor ceased performing and writting due to "life". In 1995 while working for Clifton Davis International promoting and booking bands to and from Brasil. Clifton introduced Victor to a local Soul artist in Rio by the name of Ze Ricardo. This union became one of the pivital points of both Victor and Ze's lives. The two became instant brothers performing and writting together throughout BRasil and Portugal. They have generated a following that hosts audiences from 800 seats to 20,000. The shows are in both Portuguese and English with a song list of both Brasilian and US classics and originals. Over his life, Victor has always been a big fan and student of artists ranging from Steely Dan, 70's AM RADIO, Micheal Franks, Chicago, Billy Joel, Jimi Hendricks, Sly Stone, Larry Graham, Billy Paul, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Samba Music, and on and on...this Samba Soul has allowed Victor to combined them all...


Victor Brooks...Samba Soul is the first recorded and released solo project

Set List

The live shows consits of originals and covers. The originals are from the album and some non-released...such as Catch the Fire, Keep lovin me, Lovin You Baby, Be My friend, Janie's Song, Your Ways, Moonlight Mysteries, Beleive it or Not, Sunshine as originals. We do covers that have been arrainged to the Samba Soul feel to tunes like; Let's Get It On, Love and Happiness, What's Going On, You, Happy Feelings, Don't you Worry 'Bout a Thing, You've got a friend, and others