Victor Dimarko

Victor Dimarko

 New York, New York, USA


Victor Dimarko, a talented 24-year-old pop-rock singer/songwriter, has been entertaining people since he could talk. Music has played a huge role in this New York-based musicians life. At the early age of seven, he learned to play the guitar and began writing lyrics at eight. By eleven, Dimarko won an award for material he recorded and by sixteen he was champion of the Battle of the Bands.

Thread Lock and Kid Vic, was where Victors career began as the lead singer of these very popular cover bands where they performed throughout various colleges, schools, and weddings. However, singing cover songs was not Dimarkos passion. He felt unfulfilled and yearned to perform his own music, to have his romantic lyrics be heard.

He began performing solo at local venues around New York. He met his band members at these venues. They had heard Victor perform, loved his music, and wanted to be a part of it. The band was formed.
Captivating, raspy voice, catchy sound and heartbreaking song lyrics, has Victor Dimarko and his band drawing the crowds in. They have played throughout New York in venues such as CBGBS, Kennys Castaways, and Pianos.

With great looks, a tight band, and killer songs, Victor Dimarko is the total package.


You've Got It All

Written By: Victor Dimarko

You’ve Got It All

Verse 1 : Green eyes and a beautiful smile becoming normal just might
Take a while after looking into the eyes of you a fast chance
With a lot of romance after giving up on everything you are
Baby you’ve got it all and its right here

Chorus: I’m the one who always said I was right for you all the
Nights I would stay up and cry with you
Baby you’ve got it all and its right here its up to you
What you choose to do. Everyday and part of my life
And baby waking up right next to you gives me everything
I need to do. I’d give it all just to look in your eyes. As I
See everything that I want from you baby you’ve got it all
And its right here.

Chorus- Repeat

Bridge- Baby you’ve got the last chance make it dance anything
That I know I promise within all my heart and you’ll have
It everyday all the things I say. With all the things that I want
When I’m with you

Chorus- Repeat


Written By: Victor Dimarko


Verse 1 Does what she can in this world she’s got a three year old girl
Who needs more than just a mom at home. She sits up at
Night all alone she hears her mom on the phone all in tears
Saying not again

Chorus- God give me strength to hold on to this one more day
Cause I can’t breath

Chorus She needs nothing less than a miracle to guide her thru this life
Its driving her crazy. But don’t worry baby I’m right here so
Please hold on tight its all right.

Verse 2 Her anger is moving in strong that smile won’t last for long she’s
Up and ready to fight again. She knows that she’ll find her day
When she can scream out and say I know I’m worth it



She'll Be the One (Heaven)

Written By: Victor Dimarko

Verse 1 Gave up all just to be with you all these thoughts were
A dream come true.
With a big smile and eyes looking back at me. Never
Thought I would see the day she’d would look at someone
Like me that way. And I know that’s all I’ll ever need from

Chorus She’s got a feeling inside that’s incredible knowing
That she’s all mine makes her untouchable yeah and
I know.

Chorus- She’ll be the one who standing right on the side of me
Helping me to be what I was meant to be, she be the one
Who helped me see what I need to see, baby heaven
Made you and me all night

Verse 2 Brown hair and her yellow green eyes helped me see
She can tell know lies. And I know that’s all I’ll ever
Need from here on.

Chorus- Repeat


EP Victor Dimarko

Set List

45 minute set