Victor Furious and the Murder of Men

Victor Furious and the Murder of Men

 New York City, New York, USA

If you think there is something missing in today's rock and roll, you're right. it's Victor Furious and the Murder Of Men. We are everything your favourite rock and roll band is supposed to be. Come to us, little ones. Let us make believers of you again.


in all of our seven years as a band i have made it a point to NEVER mince words. so i will not be wasting your time here either.

our influences don't matter to you. rarely do they ever. you hear bands who are absolute crap swear they are directly influenced by the Beatles. then you listen with high hopes and it's just garbage. I will NOT take you down that wide and oft trodden road.

i get the feeling you have the ability to figure these things out for yourself.

our history has yet to be written. there is nothing i could tell you that, by my telling, would sell you on this band. just listen to our music. look at our sweaty pictures. you're a smart cookie.


1. Hornet (EP) 2005
2. Blimp (EP) 2006

Set List

here is our "typical" set list:

1. Oh, Please Do
2. The Very Thought Of You
3. Spazzz!
4. You Can Begin Anew
5. The Still Beating Heart of a Child
6. The Great and Sudden Division
7. To: Wit
8. I Am Eventually Going To Kill You
9. The Closer To The Bone
10. Lawdee, Lawdee
11. Sleep, Who Needs Sleep?