Victoria Aitken

Victoria Aitken

 London, England, GBR

7 hits in the dance charts - on Blackhole and Haitigroove labels, see currently collaboration Paradise Kevin Lyttle and Victoria Aitken


Victoria Aitken has now six times, in a row been the UK dance charts and also in the German dance charts. 2011 Queen of the house, was in the top 10 Uk dance charts, 2011 Weekend lover went to number 11. Summer 2010 her song Sunshine, remixed by Playaz audio and superstar Dj The Scumfrog reached number 7 in the music week club charts. And in the same month, her song Flirt in a skirt sexy skirt went to 24 , remixed by Hungarian star Dj Tom Noize. Last summer her deep electro house single "I'll Be Your B***h" it's punchy, hook lines featuring deep, crisp synths and funky, pulsing, electro beats. It reached no.6 in the DMC European Club charts, number 5 in the UK dance charts, and number 13 in the Music week charts. Daisy in November 2009 went to number 20 in the Music Week UK pop charts. Most of her songs have been play on radio stations around the world. As a follow up to the tongue in cheek recession anthem "Vikki from the Yacht".Her songwriting abilities have received note in magazines such as The New York Times, NewYork Magazine, Vogue, GQ, XXL, W Magazine, Elle , The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, , Hot
magazine Spain, the Cyprus mail and many others.She's also performed on Turkish TV, Cyprus TV show Alive. And is now inToronto where she was just interview for the E ! network. Her latest song "Fashion Boy" has been written about in almost 300 magazines around the world such as Japanese Vogue to Brazillian Elle, She's performed all over London, also in Berlin, Malta, and Paris and has
tracks on Haitigroove and Blackhole - she's worked with many amazing producers such as Bimbo Jones, Marc JB, Dennis the Meance, Dennis Christopher, Sick Individuals and Dr. Kucho



Written By: Victoria Aitken

I don’t want to be one of your chicks,
Wrapped like a chocolate box to knock off your socks

Don’t want that Barbie pink on my lips,
I shake it off with the asprey million dollar rocks

And you may say, where have the flowers gone,
You had your chance we’re back were we belong

You held me too tightly, with other girls daily and nightly

But now I m in the sunshine, sunshine,
You kept me in the shade and I began to fade
Now you cant pick me, cant pick me
You had your chance but now I m off to dance

Now I don’t care if you notice me,
Swaying like a tree in the summer breeze
Covered in sand with just a wrap around … now I m free

But now I m in the sunshine, sunshine, (I LOVE IT)
You kept me in the shade and I began to fade
Now you cant pick me, now I m free
You had your chance but now I m off to …(Dance)

Other parts added ---

“Now i’m FREE”---- “Like a Flower..”


Weekend Lover
Queen of the house
I love the DJ
Vicky from the Yacht
I'll Be Your Bitch

Yes all have been on the radio
Weekend lover is in a hollywood movie

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3 songs right now more comming