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"Victoria George"

Victoria George...

It was just odd this AM. I'm leaving to go to work and I see a package on top of the mailbox. It was clearly too large for the box so the kind postal worker had left it on top. I stop and grab it because there's a chance of rain in the afternoon and I don't want no soggy package. I open the thing up and it's a CD by this woman Victoria George. She looks all cowgirl and honky tonk on the cover, it's got a press release and some info. I can't for the life of me figure out how the woman got my home address. I mean my email gets around some because of this site and the writing I do for various publications but not my home address. Anyway, I'm scratching my head as I ride my bike to work thinking less about what the CD may sound like than how it ended up in my mailbox. At work I'm looking at the cover thinking that it seems much more appropriate to the more country leanings of Songs Illinois and that maybe I'll just pass it along to Craig. I put it in the CD player, lo and behold I'm impressed. Out of all the times where I've been contacted by bands about featuring their stuff here, there have probably been 2 times where I liked the material enough to post about it. But this Victoria George clearly has something going for her. She walks the line between alt country, folk pop and a touch a rock. More interesting is that she's clearly at a cross roads. The songs are there, the production needs some work, over all the 5 songs here are good. Now when I say she's at a crossroads I mean that she can go a number of ways as her career blossoms. Does she stay the course of such non-mainstream leaning artists as Lucinda Williams, Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, or Shelby Lynne? Or does she start to sell her soul for the good fortune and vapid art of a Shania Twain? Her EP Far As I'm Concerned is self-released I think, so please email her off her site about getting a hold of one. If you really want it I'll burn it for you and mail it to you (assuming that's ok with Victoria). It's that intriguing.

- Peter Funk, Bars and Guitars Blogspot

"This Womens Work"

So you say you don't like Country?

With the boundaries that seem to define the genre constantly changing, it's no surprise that the word 'Alternative Country' has become such a common label to define what isn't considered old-fashioned.

Victoria George fits nicely into this new breed of music. With her newly released debut EP, Far As I'm Concerned, the California based singer-songwriter is making a jaw-dropping entry into the world of music.

Womenfolk is proud to introduce the second in its This Woman's Work series by featuring Ms George and her unique fusion of rock meets country.

So to those who dismiss anything that is described as 'Country,' you're in for a nice surprise... Victoria George will probably change your mind.


"Review of "Far as I'm Concerned""

Where were you the day Jen and Brad split up? (tear drop). Ok, so it's not the end of the world...but breaking up is hard to do! When it comes to heartache, 'Ben & Jerry's' may temporarily sooth your pain, but music will cure your "achy-breaky heart." The lyrical therapy of Victoria George provides such a cure in her debut EP Far As I'm Concerned.

George's acoustic web spins tales from the heart and tugs at the core of human relationships. A cross breed of Sheryl Crow and Natalie Maines (of the Dixie Chicks) best describes this singer-songwriter. The intense balladry of "Don't Worry Bout Breakin My Heart" and soaring vocals in "True Blue" prove George to be a potential power player in music. George's 'girl next door' appeal adds a sense of familiarity and comfort to her music, ultimately charming the listener with her alt-country rock sound.

Far As I'm concerned successfully carry's you through an emotional journey of human relationships and personal struggles with love. Victoria George takes an intimate look at these issues and you can't help but feel every word. So the next time you find yourself in a breakup (sitting on the couch clutching a carton of Cherry Garcia) remember you always have music.

- Alison Manuel

- The Owl Mag


"Far as I'm Concerned" EP released May 2005
Owl Mag Compilation 2005. Who is Who in the Bay Area V1
KPIG radio. Live Broadcast Performance on The Program "The Hot Seat." 11/05.
KZSC Santa Cruz 11/05
"Long Gone" Local Artist Spot Light Alice@97.3 FM San Francisco.

On Indie Rotation on NTG radio. 7/05
Live interview 8/05 with song "Love Sick"

KWMR West Marin- Live Broadcast Performance 6/05


Feeling a bit camera shy


Victoria George is a Fairfax, Ca native who grew up singing and performing in her community from a very young age. It was only in college, however, among choosing a direction, that she picked up the acoustic guitar and began taking music seriously. "I was inundated by all these melodies and lyrics and I needed to get them out. I picked up the guitar out of shear frustration. No one that was accompanying me was playing what I wanted. I decided to do it by myself."
Three years and degree from the University of Virginia later, Victoria is definitely doing it herself. In May 2005 she assembled her band and began playing extensively in California and beyond. Her career seems to be moving at the speed of light as she has quickly made herself know as one of the most up and coming artist in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Victoria has been hailed both for her beautiful voice and clever songwriting ability, invoking the unbridled range and tone of such artist as Joni Mitchell and Sheryl Crow as well as the story telling ability of Patty Griffin. George is natural on stage putting her audience at ease with her witty humor and confident stage presence. She is currently promoting her first EP, "Far as I'm Concerned," released in May 2005 and produced by Joey Muller, with plans to start recording her first full length album in Oct 2005.