Victoria George

Victoria George


Victoria George is a sweet blend of classic Americana songwriting with an edge. Her soaring vocals and catchy hooks will make you want to drive 80 while singing your heart out. Try "Long Gone" and "Lovesick"


Victoria George is a Fairfax, Ca native who grew up singing and performing in her community from a very young age. It was only in college, however, among choosing a direction, that she picked up the acoustic guitar and began taking music seriously. "I was inundated by all these melodies and lyrics and I needed to get them out. I picked up the guitar out of shear frustration. No one that was accompanying me was playing what I wanted. I decided to do it by myself."
Three years and degree from the University of Virginia later, Victoria is definitely doing it herself. In May 2005 she assembled her band and began playing extensively in California and beyond. Her career seems to be moving at the speed of light as she has quickly made herself know as one of the most up and coming artist in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Victoria has been hailed both for her beautiful voice and clever songwriting ability, invoking the unbridled range and tone of such artist as Joni Mitchell and Sheryl Crow as well as the story telling ability of Patty Griffin. George is natural on stage putting her audience at ease with her witty humor and confident stage presence. She is currently promoting her first EP, "Far as I'm Concerned," released in May 2005 and produced by Joey Muller, with plans to start recording her first full length album in Oct 2005.


Long Gone

Written By: Victoria George

Started Driving when morning broke
hell of a long time to be alone. Just to think about you, just to think about you

Driving between the Lines. Singin' to myself to pass the time. I am a lonely girl. Driving through a lonely world. And I'm long, long gone.
Long long gone

Said you loved me with your whole heart. Well sometimes trust is too hard. You say believe in you and baby I would love to.

Too deep in love it only gets you burned, so I decided to do the leaving first. Took a hold of the wheel. Took my heart of steel.
Singing, long, long gone. Long, long gone.

And all the places that I'm driving through.They all seem to be singing too, singing

Chorus: If you lived here you'd be home now for sure, where are you running to? If you living here you'd be home now for sure baby.
Running will catch up to you.

Your not the first and babe your not the last. And when I leave there's not turning back. You tell me I'm the one and thats when I've got to run.

But I hear you in every song. I want to call you with every phone. Tell you I'm such a fool. Baby to be leaving you. But I'm long,long gone. Long, long gone.

And all the places that I'm driving through. They all seem to be singing too. Singing



"Far as I'm Concerned" EP released May 2005
Owl Mag Compilation 2005. Who is Who in the Bay Area V1
KPIG radio. Live Broadcast Performance on The Program "The Hot Seat." 11/05.
KZSC Santa Cruz 11/05
"Long Gone" Local Artist Spot Light Alice@97.3 FM San Francisco.

On Indie Rotation on NTG radio. 7/05
Live interview 8/05 with song "Love Sick"

KWMR West Marin- Live Broadcast Performance 6/05

Set List

typical Set 1- 1,1/2 hours
Piece of You
Long Gone
Flamin' Red
River Song
True Blue
Shadow of a Promise
Don't Worry About Breakin' My Heart
Nothin' but Love
Too soon
This Town
Not the Kind
Can't say Goodbye

"Rain" Patty Griffin
"Angel from Mongomery" John Prine
"Favorite Mistake" Sheryl Crow

Set length: 1-1:30 hour