Victoria Parks

Victoria Parks


Writer/performer/producer of contemporary acoustic folk, folkrock, and humorous songs, with strong backround in writing/performing/producing. I am known best for my humorous material and for telling stories in song. My voice is huge and I love making people laugh!!


Award-winning songwriter. Nominee for Best Political Album, 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards from over 42,000 entries. Her humor always delivers a strong mixture of pathos and social irony. Her love of traditional Scottish and Irish music shines through as strongly suited to her. She will move with facility between traditions. Victoria is a fine interpreter of traditional and contemporary ballads and has a keen sense of humor. Her voice is both haunting and powerful. She demonstrates true skill for creating melody suited to harmony. Her unique voice can be extremely tender and up close, then turn to become huge, mature. She plays her instrument with an equal skill that 25 years of writing and performing has brought to this seasoned performing songwriter.
Her Cleveland roots reveal themselves in a mix of folk and Midwestern rock. Victoria's rich background of influences has molded a well rounded songwriter. Her original material speaks for itself in form and content. She writes music topical to the present even if it regards the past. She'll pen an historical ballad with as much facility as she does a simple experience or emotion with her anthems. Through all her songs, she never betrays her deep sense of political or personal history. Interwoven through them are common threads that cry for justice. Her messages ring across the barriers of ages, cultures and the material world. Her songs possess universal appeal and brilliant social humor. Victoria Parks is a world voice deserving a global audience.

To Her Credit:
• Nominee Best Political Album 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards from over 42,000 entries

• 2009 recipient of the Free Press Arts Activism Award

• Wild English Rose Editor's Choice 2003 FolkWorld Magazine, UK

• Wild English Rose, Victoria's 2003 CD release ranks #35 in June 2003 FolkDJ Top 70 Playlists, and receives airplay on sixty radio stations in America, Ireland, Australia, Belgium and Germany in first month of release

• in 2003, tracks from Victoria's release Wild English Rose have been featured on over 100 radio stations worldwide

• Honor Award Winner in the 6th Annual 2004 Great American Song Contest for "Say a Prayer for America"

• Only Honorable Mention in the Best Spiritual/Mystical Song in the 2003 Hosting of the Bards Song Contest,, part of the Catskill Song & Poetry Festival, Calicoon, NY

• 2 Honorable Mentions in Folk/Acoustic & Children's/Novelty categories in 2002 Madison Songwriters Group Song Contest, Madison, WI

• 2003 Plainsong Folk Festival Mainstage Performer, Lincoln, NE

• Finalist in the 2002 South Florida Folk Festival Song Competition, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

• 7th place in Open/World Music category out of 1300 entrants in the 1999 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for her song "Love Croaks", Washington, DC

• Honorable Mention in the 1998 Napa Valley Folk Festival's Emerging Songwriter Showcase on first submission for Sure Feels Like Home; Napa, CA

• Showcase artist at the North American Folk Alliance Conference: 2002, Jacksonville, Florida; 2000, Cleveland, OH

• Opener for Tom Paxton , Bob Gibson, Josh White Jr., Pierce Pettis, Maura O'Connell, David Olney, and the Washington Sisters

• Tracks from her debut CD Sure Feels Like Home selected as first tracks for Acoustic Harvest II and Acoustic Harvest IV — Sure Feels Like Home and Warm is the Light, respectively, Brandy from the Cherry was chosen for Fertile Land, Acoustic Harvest III, All are compilation discs of the Cleveland area folk music organization, Folknet.

• Live radio appearances on syndicated public radio programs such as Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour with host Michael Jonathan, and River City Folk with Tom May


Say a Prayer for America

Written By: Victoria Parks

Say a Prayer for America

She's a hungry, barefoot little girl in tangled hair
Waiting for her daddy with her lonely stare
Standing in the door, only rags to wear
and no one seems to care

Say a prayer for America
Say a prayer for America

Daddy got his orders and it wasn't long
The morning when he shipped out then he was gone
He said "you and Mom must find a way to carry on,
So help her all you can"

Say a prayer for your soldier man
Say a prayer for your soldier man

"Some say I fight for freedom for a foreign land
Some say we fight for oil and its all a scam
Write and send me pictures baby when you can
And show me that you care"

Say a prayer for America
Say a prayer for America

Daddy made it home but his wounds still hurt
The factory went to China and he can't find work
His unemployment dried up now he's gone berserk
And the company don't care

Say a prayer for America
Say a prayer for America

Daddy needs a doctor, he's a broken man
Like our Grandpa Jimmy after Viet Nam
He can't get help and no one seems to gives a damn
For the burden that he bears

Say a prayer for America
Say a prayer for America
Show you care for America
Cast a vote for America
Say a prayer for America

©2004 Victoria Parks


Duhmocracy (2007) Full length CD of humor and satire released under pseudonym Victrola & the Duhst Bunnies

Say a Prayer for America (2004), CD Single rock anthem

Wild English Rose (2003), Full length CD of folk and traditionally-influenced songwriting

Sure Feels Like Home (1995) Full length CD of folk & folk-rock

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