Heavy and sexy rock and roll delivered with passion and without fear. They bring back the swagger of the old days, when people still remembered the truth about rock and roll.


They are a preacher's kid with a ravenous appetite for classic songwriting, a gritty rocker raised in the Illinois hardcore scene, and a PhD student obsessed with simplicity. When they are together their synergy is unmistakable. The band formed in 2006 and gave that synergy a name, Victoria.

Their music is like a series of explosions. Some are pistol-quick and controlled; others are more raucous and unpredictable. Though they fly the colors of their influences in their songwriting, at its core this is a rock and roll band. Their sound is rebellious and free.

Onstage, Victoria are passionate seekers of an emotional connection with their audience. It seems they want the crowd to feel as free as they are when they play. Front man David Moore and bassist Chad Rogers furiously flail themselves about the stage like two men possessed. Their only restraints are their guitars, draped over their shoulders like straitjackets. Meanwhile, drummer Steve Andrews’s pulsing backbeats leave the audience with only two choices: hip-shake the concert hall into a pile of rubble or get pummeled when roof finally comes down.

They named it Victoria, but you can call it rock and roll.


"Ghost Town" released Dec 1, 2007

Set List

Sets run from 30-45 minutes long. 45 minute sets preferred greatly. Extremely high energy set with few breaks. Last set list was:
Blue, Thunder, Candle, Holy Roller Derby, Never Saw My Love, Always Be, Burn Alive, Find My Way Out, Only Your Luv'n, I'm Rock N' Roll.