Victor Radz

Victor Radz

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There are DJs who can rock a party or a club and there are acts that can produce songs that will bring out the goose bumps in you. However, there’s only a select few that can manage to do both. Victor Radz brings the energy to any crowd creating a night to remember.


Victor Radz is one of the leading Producers and DJ's coming out of Boston Massachusetts. With two songs signed to Used Records in France he is continuing to push his sound and bring more music to the air waves.


Victor Radz - 28 (Original Mix)
Victor Radz - Sundown (Original Mix)

Set List

My Sets are up to date with whats hot world wide. I will drop top 40s if it isn't a music savvy crowd but will most likely try to ween them into some new music that they will like and go home and download.