VICTOR is a blend of searing energy-driven metal/rock riffs, coupled with heart-felt and melodic sing-along vocals. Their music is unique and contains elements of rock/metal/punk, and spans many genre's and music styles. The band puts 100% into every show, every song, and every performance!


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It all started when Andy Bilak moved down to Florida from NJ in late 2003. Up in NJ, he was in several successful punk/metal/hardcore acts, including the popular NJ band Deepsix. After he got used to the new local environment, he was on a mission to assemble another successful band. Not being a local, it was hard to find the "right people" to talk to, and connect with. Soon he ran into Noble Dean, who also recently relocated to FL. Both guys had the same vision of creating a melodic heavy rock/metal band, that wasn't afraid to play hard, and also produce songs with hooks that people could sing along to. The two guys set out on a mission to find a drummer. While writing new material, the band used a local drummer, that eventually could not continue with the band. After countless local auditions, Charles Holloway (from Rockledge, FL) walked through the door. Within minutes, the two guys knew they had found the right drummer. Soon after, the band decided to add an additional guitar player and another search was started. At this point, the band was still writing material, and had only played a few local shows. Within a few weeks, the band was getting tired with poor local auditons. Soon after, Andy Vassar (who had also recently relocated to FL) came out to audition for the spot. That night, the band knew they had the final "knockout" lineup. The band played countless shows all over FL, and finally released their debut 9 song CD titled "The New Alcohol Smell" on Jan 11th, 2008. While recording the album, Andy Vassar (the new guitar player) was offered a position in NC he just couldn't turn down. The band decided they would start looking for a replacement before he left. Josh Curchy, a die-hard VICTOR fan, stepped up and ended up being the perfect man for the job. Immediately he brought new ideas and input into the band. The band has played many shows with the new line-up and has been touring constantly to support the new album. They are also in the process of writing new material for a late 2008 LP release.

It's best to listen to the music of VICTOR for yourself, but it is best described as a melodic blend of rock/metal/hardcore and punk. The new material the band is working on is more on the "radio-friendly" line, but still contains many heavy rocking elements. This band definitely knows how to blend the best of both worlds into something that everyone can enjoy.

Band member influences vary greatly. Andy and Josh listen to the newer metalcore/rock type stuff that is really popular right now. Noble is a huge tool fan and enjoys progressive metal and rock, while Charles listens to anything from Third Eye Bling to As I Lay Dying. All of these unique tastes definitely influence the music of VICTOR.

There are definitely a few things that set VICTOR apart from many other bands. One thing that comes to mind is, HEART. VICTOR puts 100% into every song, every performance, and everything they are a part of. Their music is pure and comes from the inside. The band also focuses on writing material that spans many different genre's, therefore attracting many different types of listeners. They feel that one element of the music, or a performance, shouldn't stand out. The whole performance, or song, should. You can really feel the energy at a live VICTOR show. This is where the band shines, and the audience really gets to feel their message.


Becoming The Man

Written By: Andy Bilak, Noble Dean

We meant to change the world
We meant to change the way
It all came unfurled
We all feel the same

And when I fall again
My eyes will be open
And when I fall again
My eyes will be open
And I won't feel this pain

And so we live this lie
And so we mask the pain
We all feel the burn
And refuse to change

When the dark, turns to light
No I won't see, No I won't see
When the dark, turns to light
No I won't be, No I won't be free

Oxygen Thief

Written By: Andy Bilak

And you said you had my back now
When all you had was your hand out

You said you're watching over
Instead of stealing this
You turned your back for the second time
And nothing feels the same now

And you think that you're the man now
So walk real tall make sure you stand out

Walking tall we see that your weak now
While other's struggle in your wake
And still you waste the air that I breathe now
You oxygen thief

Passing Time

Written By: Andy Bilak

Running so fast, I try to get away
I'm looking forward to the promise of another day
And for me here, cause I can't see what's wrong
Through all the problems in my life I keep struggling on

They say my shadow's all I got
They say it's for me, I'd rather not
The sun will come is what they say
For my life is turning gray

Try to forget, what I don't want to see
Moving backward, another day is done for me
Sometimes I wish, everything away
The things that made me, they were taken away

Two Lunches For Your Two Faces

Written By: Andy Bilak, Noble Dean

You're never there yet you swear that your life is worth than this
Air right now
Create the rage, as we turn it against you
Create the rage, as we turn it right now

So Burn It
Burn It All
And in this garden of (your lies)
You can't escape this hatred
Cause this has all been done
Cause this has all been wasted

Now seeing you're lonely and sore and you're eating what
You've sewn right now
Create the rage, as we turn it against you
Create the rage, as we turn it right now

I can't see you anymore
These scars have healed
I can't feel you anymore
These scars have, healed


LP - "The New Alcohol Smell", released Jan 11th, 2008.

Set List

We play 40-60 minutes during a typical set for a multi-band show, but we can play longer if needed. In addition, we can also arrange and schedule bands to perform with us, to fill up a night's worth of entertainment.