victory at sea

victory at sea


Victory at Sea have stuck with what works for them: evocative lyrics, and a curiously uplifting moroseness that shifts without warning from warmth to biting cold.


Victory at sea was formed in 1995 by mona elliott, and mel Lederman. Over the past 9 years the have toured the u.s. and europe. Their latest album will be released October 2004 from Gern Blandsten records. The current lineup features Taro Hatanaka on violin and guitar , and Dave Norton on drums. They have been touring with the band for the past 2 years.


2004 memories fade- sceduled for release oct. 2004 on Gern Blandsten records
2003 Aquarela songs vol.2-Aquareladiscos.-spain
2002 The Good Night-kimchee records
2001 Carousel-kimchee/slowdime
2000 Helms/Victory at sea split ep-kimchee
1999the dark is just the night-slowdime.
1997 Easier than Living-VillaVilakulah
1996 Wishes7" Magic eye singles
1995 Snow 7" Villa Vilakulah
We have recieved a lot of college radio play over the past 9 years.

Set List

We usually play for 30-45 minutes. We play all originals.