DJ Victory Dance

DJ Victory Dance


Like Girl Talk? BEARBOT? The Hood Internet? Debit? Then you'll love DJ Victory Dance. Similar to Girl Talk on Ritalin, Victory Dance takes the concept of mashing-up tons of songs during a show and slows it down, making it easier to understand what's going on.


As a member of CASHDUKE, Victory Dance started making remixes for the band which he then released under the band's name. Since then, he has struck out on his own, playing sets and mixing songs.
With a large fanbase on TheSixtyOne and a growing base on MySpace, DJ Victory Dance is already setup to be a national act in no time at all.


Various demo tracks on the internet
The Awakening EP, August 2009
HOVERYACHT, January 2010

Set List

A typical Victory Dance set lasts anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the needs of the venue. While the sets maintain some similarity between each other, there is always something major that is different between each one.