Easy listening vocals, with a sweet piano, drive home the point of life with Christ. Featuring originals, and remixes of early CCM, it's a CD of encouragement and hope. Call 918/331-0017 to purchase your CD. Our website is presently under construction!


Vic & Ellie, engaged before dating, started singing in the basement of his mom and dads house. One day his mom came down to see what radio station they had on, but it was their songs. Married with 3 grown kids, they are ready to take their ministry to the streets and be a blessing to who ever is ready to hear the message of hope in Christ. Vic & Ellie's 1st love is Jesus, and joined with the Voice of the Martyrs, to share a memoriable program that indelibly touchs hearts.

Set List

We have a half hour to hour program which can be taylored thematically, or simply encouragement to sad hearts. Our CD is titled "GET GLAD"!