Tustin, California, USA

VIDA is an American pop-rock band combining elements of electronic and organic instrumentation into catchy emotionally gripping compositions in the vain of artists like the 1975, OneRepublic, and Imagine Dragons. The band has recently captured the attention of some of the music industry’s heaviest hitters including Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins and Jason Flom of Lava Records. Flom called VIDA “The band that could save Rock and Roll”.


"Vida":  Life (the experience of being alive)

VIDA is a Pop Rock band from various parts of Orange County,
California. Lead by Josh Cisneros, who at the young age of seven years old, began collecting inspirations from Gospel and Contemporary Christian Worship to guide him into writing and performing his own music. In 2015 with help from his current label Hourglass Independent
Records, he formed the band that is VIDA and began production on their freshman album. The band consists of Fransico Gonzalez (Guitar), Jerry Saldana
(Lead Guitar), David Barerra (Bass) and Gustin Flaig (Drums).

VIDA represent themselves on an artistic front, keeping their fashion style/image tied closely with the trendiness of todays modern pop culture. Their show attire consists of clothing from boutique fashion designer Wolf and Man Mensware while they keep their stage presence at high energy; displaying flawless musicianship to catchy corresponding compositions that are absolutely full of hooks. Off the stage the band has a very personal connection with fans, sticking around after every show and taking time to connect with every fan.

 Hourglass Independent Records will be releasing VIDA’s first single
Tell Me July 14th 2015. The single and album were produced
by Daniel Martin and Josh Brooks.


Chance Like This

Written By: Josh cisneros,daniel martin,josh brooks

Verse 1:
I remember when our dreams were made of make believe
Where everything we wanted seemed so out of reach
I never really thought I could get this far
I found myself chasing after broken lines
A medley of notes composed of wasted time
I never really thought that I could chase my heart
don't want to be apart from the life I want

If I had a chance like this
I would give it all, I'd live
I could light it up and paint the sky
I would leave my mark behind
I'm telling you our dreams are gold
And the beauty is never letting go
We can light it up and paint the sky
We can leave our marks behind

Verse 2:
I remember when they told me "I'm so proud of you"
But If you've never heard it you'll make it thru
I promise somewhere someone cares
I promise you hope will get you there
With some faith and time you'll see
There is a plan for you and me

Tell Me

Written By: Josh Cisneros,Daniel Martin,Josh Brooks

Been a while now since I've felt this way
but you say its alright
you tell me you love me
you tell me you need me.

On my coldest days in my darkest nights would you be my light
just tell me you'd save me
when all hope is empty.

Why don't you tell me tell me now
All of your fears just let it out
All of the pain you've kept inside
You don't have to hide it anymore

Just tell me you love me and I'll stay forever!

Verse 2:
All of these grey days
Only kept us down
Left us black and white
But We painted a picture of a life in color

I don't wanna leave tonight
No matter if I'm wrong or right
I know that I can change you're mind
I'm yours
If you'd only tell me you love me then I'd stay forever!

Set List

1. Werewolves
2. Alfred Hinds
3. Satisfied
4. The Motion
5. New History
6. Skylines
7. Days in Grey