We're an indie rock/sadcore/ambient group from New Hampshire and Virginia. Last year, we released three EPs with some level of success, and now we're underway on our first full-length. We like getting weird, commonly including effects and noises to the mix to push ourselves away from other acts.


The project started when Jay was 14, in late 2007. He captured video of himself playing his own material. He then converted the audio from those videos into mp3s. His first EP garnered over 500 downloads from word of mouth alone, so he kept at it. The sonic palette was initially just piano and vocals cast under a lo-fi filter, but it has since expanded to piano, vocals, drums, a slew of acoustic instruments, and swaths of noise. It's always been hard to say exactly what genre videosforpictures is, but the indie rock/sadcore/ambient umbrella seems to work well. The project now has two other members: Nick Rocci (who plays drums during shows) and Jeremy Burke (who plays guitar, cello, and banjo on the forthcoming material due out this year.)


March 2008 - Very Three EP
December 2009 - Endo Fanera compilation
April 2011 - Anomie Family Brain EP
August 2011 - It's Fine It Happens EP
December 2011 - 10 minutes with... EP

All of the above are available for free download at:

Set List

We can play upwards of 45 minutes. Currently, we're playing a mixture of unreleased tracks and tracks from the three EPs released last year. Set varies from show to show. It's better that way.