Rewiew From the biggst newspaper in sweden: Dagens Nyheter

Peaceplay 4/5

Its not every day one stumbles over a debutant from sweden and India who also work as a meditationcoach and who quoat Joni mitchell and childrens music as her influences.
But everything is posible in gothenburg!
Vidya mixes english and swedish as agile and free as she plays with her voice and skillfully camp her tent between imogen heap and Regina spector.
The album has a feel to it as have been writen in a manhat



Vidya, (whose name means, knowledge/insight), is a completely unique, singer, songwriter, performer and producer, who plays the piano and the guitar.
Vidya’s music has been called ”comtemporary experimental pop” and is signifed by what one closest can describe as: Art-Honest-Playfullness.
When playing she is always looking to express the divine within her self. The divine she belive we all have, and all are.
Her voice has a way of opening up even the most defensive heart and the presence in her is extended out to the listener, to remind each person, of just how flowing life colud be!
The album Peaceplay was released i march this year and has gotten wonderful reviews from great newspapers and media in sweden! The succes led for her and the band to play at The Peace and Love festival and göteborgskulturkalas this year! Her songs are now played at national radio P4, P2 and just now P3!! All channels has interviewed Vidya aswell. People seem to be fascinated by her music, origin and philosophical thoughts on life and love:)
PEACELAY is a celebration to sustainability in many aspects. From the lyrics to the very pagage of this CD, which is made from 100% recycled material.

Let you imagination wander and ENJOY!


PEACEPLAY released 21/3-2011