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I Can Handle It

Written By: Vienna Pearl

I Can Handle It
All the times you lied to me
Don't cry to me, Don't try to be
Friends with me now cause I know what's behind the smile

I remember you said you'd always have my back
When all of the world was against me
thought I'd be depending on you, you oooh
And I remember you told me you'd be there for me
You told me that you cared for me
But you left me alone on my own when the rain started coming down
When I needed a shoulder to help me get over
The heartache and pain in my life
I looked to my right, only to find that you were not around


And I remember the promises that you made
Said that you'd be right beside me and whatever I need, you'd do, oooh ooooh
And I remember the times you said just call on me
You said you'd give your all for me
But I was naive, didn't think that my enemy was you
Then I had to discover, you're just like the others
The ones who just smiled in my face
There's nothing to say and no you can't stay
Cause now I know the truth


So don't you make no excuses
Apologies are just useless
No more how could you do this
Ooh cause I will get through this
So why you in my face now
When you know that it's too late now, ooh
Don't you know I can take it
Don't fake it, just save it
And I know you hate it, cause I know I'll make it