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Vietcong Pornsürfers

Falun, Dalarna, Sweden | INDIE

Falun, Dalarna, Sweden | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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"The Hellacoptersin perintö elää vielä ainakin kotimaassaan."

The Hellacoptersin perintö elää vielä ainakin kotimaassaan. Falunista heilaava Vietcong Pornsürfers toistaa parikymppisten kollien innolla kaavaa, johon itse idoli väsyi. Tuloksena on perusskanditoimintarokkia punk-vivahteella. Albumilta erottuu kuitenkin muutama sattuma, jotka voisivat olla Nicke Andersonin kynästä jos ei nyt ihan parhaana, niin ainakin normipäivänä. Kappaleet kuten On Your Own (But Not Alone), Don't Need Your Lies ja A Song For Jonas lupaavatkin, että kvartetilta voi tulevaisuudessa odottaa enemmän.

Vietcong Pornsürfersilla ovat perusasiat kunnossa eli vakuuttava laulaja, kakkoskitaraakin pelaava Tom K., joka ykköskitaristi Teddyn kanssa muodostaa lisäksi tehokkaan kuusikieliskaksikon. Yhteistyössään onkin kuultavissa jopa pientä kaikua alansa mestarilta, Thin Lizzyltä. Vanhan lahopuun sahaustahan Vietcong Pornsürfers täysin on, mutta tällaisten kavereiden ansiosta rock-musiikki pysyy hengissä. Sen verran uusi ja vanha kohtaavat omakustanteisella debyytillään, että Restless, Young, Hungry and Free on julkaistu vain kasettina ja latauksena.

22.12.2010, Mika Penttinen - imperiumi

"Schweden, immer wieder Schweden."

Schweden, immer wieder Schweden.
Es ist schon echt faszinierend, welche Masse an Bands dieses kleine skandinavische Land hervorgebracht hat; so dass man zwangsläufig den Eindruck gewinnen muss, dass jeder Schwede über drei Jahre auf irgendeine Weise in ein musikalisches Projekt involviert ist.
Doch erstaunlich ist nicht nur die Masse, sondern vor allen Dingen die häufig vorhandene Klasse der schwedischen Künstler. Hier sind also die Nächsten, die Vietcong Pornsürfers.
Aufgrund des Umstands, dass die Vier, ihr in Eigenregie veröffentlichtes Debütalbum, lediglich auf Tape (!!!) herausbringen, aber vor allen Dingen wegen des bescheuerten Bandnamens, dachte ich ja im ersten Moment, dass ich es mit einer mies produzierten 08/15 Schrammel-Punkband zu tun bekomme...ein Irrtum. Auf „Restless, Young, Hungry And Free“ bekommt man nämlich feinsten und insbesondere richtig fett produzierten punkigen Glamrock / Hardrock um die Ohren gehauen, dass die Schwarte nur so kracht. Pate standen hier in erster Linie natürlich die schwedischen Brüder im Geiste, die namentlich genannt natürlich nur The Hellacopters, Backyard Babies oder The Hydromatics heißen können. Aber der Blickwinkel richtet sich auch gerne mal zu den norwegischen Nachbarn (Gluecifer), auf die Insel (Motörhead) oder nach Australien (Rose Tattoo). Die Vietcong Pornsürfers treten mächtig Arsch und machen richtig Spaß, da sollten sich die (heutigen) Backyard Babies mal eine dicke Scheibe von abschneiden.
Also...entstaubt eure Tapedecks und legt euch dieses geile Teil zu. - Metalglory

""bara att lyfta på hatten""

Falubandet Vietcong Pornsurfers släpper en kassett (kommer på iTunes etc också) och det är bara att lyfta på hatten. De har under de tre år som de funnits varit en rolig färgklick på Dalarnas rockscen och nu har de blivit riktigt vassa också. Tidiga Hellacopters, Motörhead och Dead Boys är tre andar som tycks ha svävat över bandet när de snickrat ihop dessa åtta skitiga rock'n'rollstänkare. Soundet är synnerligen opolerat, sångaren Toms röst extra skrovlig och hitkänslan ständigt närvarande.

Anders K Gustafsson - Dalarnas Tidningar

""the best album I've heard this year""

The award for band name of the year goes to Sweden's Vietcong Pornsurfers, who not only peaked my interest by their strange moniker but by also sending a cassette copy of their new album Restless, Young, Hungry And Free. Do people still play cassette tapes, and do many of the teenage readers even know what they are? It was the first one I had seen since the mid '90s, so I had to dust off the old tape-player and give this thing a listen.
Albums by bands with oddball names rarely live up to their billing, so I was crossing my fingers that the long forgotten tape-player wouldn't eat the cassette before I had a chance to judge for myself. I pressed play and waited... and waited... until I finally heard music -- and what I was hearing wasn't half bad. A mixture of punk and sleaze with gruff and hoarse vocals, not unlike that of The Dogs D'amour's Tyla on occasion, seemed to be the formula right from the thundering beginning of "The Flag Is On Fire". But just as I was starting to get into things with the slightly slower "Come Back" I had to get up and flip the tape over!
Side two kicked off with the furious "Getaway Boy" which almost ventured too far into punk territory for my tastes, but I was enjoying the attitude, vocals and guitar solo. In fact the entire second half is played at top-speed, not unlike the intensity of a 'pornsurfer' using his hands! The last two songs, "A Song For Jonas" and "Let Me In", are probably the best as the band slam and scream their way through these tracks.
By no means is Restless, Young, Hungry And Free the best album I've heard this year, I found it rather repetitive as a whole, but the whole affair has ample amounts of energy and a DIY punk attitude, from the rapid-fire drumming right down to the gang-style vocals -- with a bunch of guitar solos thrown in for good measure. If the punk garage-rock inspired sounds of The Hellacopters and Gluecifer is you're thing then this one could be for you. -

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, December 2010 - Sleazeroxx


November 2007: “Dressed all in scars n’ leather”
February 2008: “Made us feel like Animals”
February 2009: “Cunt’s don’t play guitar”
May 2010: Debut single “Let me in”
November 2010: Debut album “Restless, young, hungry and Free”. (digital and tape cassette)
April 2011: “Restless, young, hungry and Free” (CD, Street Syphonies Label, Italy)



Rock band Vietcong Pornsürfers (VCPS) comes from the city of Falun in Sweden, comprised of Tom K,
W. Affe, Rackarn and Teddy, all old enough to serve prison time. So far, more than 70 concerts have been completed, ranging from festivals to pubs / clubs. They've supported Babylon Bombs, Vains of Jenna and Sister Sin and were at one occasion, at Pub Anchor in Stockholm, threatened to death if not delivering more encores...! Besides Sweden, VCPS has played several other European countries and the band is currently planning an Eurpean tour.
A bunch of Vietcong Pornsürfers budget recordings has plagued the world via MySpace, YouTube, fanzines and local radio stations, from northern Sweden to Sarajevo and Rio de Janeiro. The first track of their latest album "Restless, young, hungry and free" (Released 5/11 2010) was played at Swedens biggest radiostation P3 Rock, 2 weeks before the release. Check out the album on Spotify, iTunes, eMusic and numerous other music sites. VCPS has a dedicated fan base, solidly convinced of their quality and potential.
"Organized chaos"
Vietcong Pornsürfers is NOT your urine-reeking stereotype punk band that show up way too late in a shot up vehicle, kills 7 anti-state tracks, vomits on stage and thrashes the backstage area. On the other hand, they might very well be the long lost link between great punk and f**king awesome rock n' roll. VCPS are the revoltingly cute, impossibly charming music lads that will have you irritated, pissed off yet impressed - somehow you'll be delighted to introduce them to your daughters!
In a nutshell: The four northern Scandinavian boys delivers furious, energetic rock n' roll, oozing of teen hormones. Experiencing Vietcong Pornsürfers live has been described "like having a dirty boot kick you in the groin" - an event giving some sadistic pleasure while some squirm in pain. VCPS know what they want and couldn't care less about what it takes. Time, life, health, sweat, blood? They'll do it anyway, really well.