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Viet Kong

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Viet Kong is loud amps, big riffs, and whiskey. They've been called classic rock with a modern twist, but deep down they're just four guys who love Sabbath, Zeppelin, Hendrix... anything from the 70's that absolutely rocks.


"Leighton Chance and Jason Ashley had been roommates since 2007. One day in the Spring of '08, Leighton mentioned his idea for a 70's rock band and Jason asked if he could try out on vocals. The two jammed together, then added guitarist Nick Dourgarian (on bass this time around), and everything just clicked. The three wrote song after song for a few months and then one day they met Mr. Jaeger. After randomly contacting the recently named Viet Kong, Will Jaeger set up a time to rehearse with them and by the end of the first song they were a band.

Since then, Viet Kong has been writing, demoing, and perfecting their take on classic rock adding influences from more modern rock bands and even taking on themes from 70's horror and war films. Known for their intense live shows, singalong anthems, and raw sound, Viet Kong is quickly growing into one of Denton, TX's most wanted bands."



Written By: Jason M. Ashley

Lyrics for "Abaddon"
twisting metal reaching upward
death exhumed their endless start
a new terror rose above them
flames leapt from its beating heart
teeth and split and blood and carnage
horror washed across the land
everywhere, heard was awful screaming
the invitation of the damned

oh Abaddon, won't you take us?
oh Abaddon, can't you save us?

savage whispers traveled through them
burning doubt into their ghosts
dragging claws, awakened slumber
eternal snares enslave their souls
beating wings dwindle the flames
concrete, steel unwelcome homes
the blackest eyes looked down upon them
forever rattling their bones


2008 Demos

Set List

Our set list is currently comprised of "Bad Son", "Abaddon", "Black Winds", "Stone Troll", "The Lotus Lords," "Death Card", "O Sorceress", and "The Walking Dead." We have a variety of sets that are all about 45 minutes long. The occasional cover happens as well.