Easy Tyger

Easy Tyger


It's cliche for a band to say "our music defies classification" these days, but our band's songs draw from rock, rap, funk, jazz, and other alternative bands to create songs that anyone and everyone can tap their foot to, whether they're in love with the music or not.


All songs are written by Johnny who pretty much just writes whatever he thinks will sound good. There's no specific sound he's going for; its all what he thinks people will listen to. It's for this reason that some songs sound more like Arctic monkeys and Foo Fighters while others resemble Coldplay or Rocco Deluca or even an Amy Winehouse-esque sound. Nothing is off limits; any and every idea is brought to the table. If one song can appeal to at least one person in the audience, the song is a success.


View Crest Demo- Winter 2008
"Swagger" is going to be played on WBRU Late July/ Early August 2008

Various singles/demos released on myspace and purevolume

Set List

-Stronger- Kanye West song used as an interlude sometimes
-Nu Wav
-Easy Tiger
-Get Free