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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Please help support my friend Vigalantee and pick up his new album, "No Jaangle Movement." He is a very talented rapper with a positive message.

Give him a listen:

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posted by Bradley Meehan @ Thursday, February 02, 2006
- The Shaky Voice

"Sound Bite"


The $5 Likk
Phatadat Records
Local musicians often fail to get all the details ironed out for their first CDs, often resulting in poorly engineered tracks, bad vocals or flat tones. Vigalantee’s debut album The $5 Likk licks right through all that with skill and ease, resulting in a surprisingly wide-ranging selection of fast hard-thumpin’ rap, funky love ballads and soulful hip-hop that sounds far more like somebody’s third or forth album rather than their first.

The tracks are crisp, the vocals catchy and the beat is wonderfully simple, enhancing instead of overwhelming the slick melodies. Songs like “Lies” and “Permission” (hmm, guess what that one’s about…) sound like top-ten stuff and are worth a hell of a lot more than a five bucks.
—Brandon Whitehead

- @ekc online

"$5 Dolla Likk"


This young man can be compared to Common. With a style that is virtually unmatched, Vigalantee brings lyrical mastery back to the game of Hip-Hop.
Go pick up his latest album "The $5 Likk". These songs bring a balance between street and conscience music with an R&B twist for the ladies. These songs are a reflection of what makes Vigalantee a multi-dimensional writer.
This EP/Album cost you five dollars, more boom for your dollar. Vigalantee's explanation for this is "during these hard times it's easier to give five dollars to an unknown artist than $10 to $20 for a CD that's unproven."

"$5 Likk"

$5 Likk
by JD Rating: 10
This is a Dope CD. VEry seldom do you find a very good Eastcoast Artist in KC that hang with the westcoast influenced KC Market.

- JD


I want to introduce ya'll to a friend of mine. He goes by "Vigalantee" and is a local rapper who just released his second CD "No Jaangle Movement." (No Jaangle: Never compromising who you are, not being ignorant to be successful. Respecting and recognizing those who've walked before you. Taking the Black Face of Shame off!)

This guy is amazing. Not only is he mad talented. He works his ass off to help the community and can often be found lecturing as well as rapping to the local schools/colleges/neighborhoods about the "No Jaangle Movement." A father of one...He is determined to be a strong, positive role model to his son and today's youth.

I had some spare time Saturday...and did a full on professional shoot for Vig documenting "A Day In His Life" to prepare a Press Kit for him so that he is prepared for future Gig's like the "Ellen" Show...amongst a few others.

Ya'll keep your eyes out for Vigalantee and show some love by purchasing his CD whether you are into rap or not. (Available at guys message is strong...IN YOUR FACE...and he's not stopping until he's made a difference. (Some would argue he already has and does daily.) You can also read more about him in Present Magazine as my dear friend also dawns the cover. (April Edition.)


**Special Thanks to Vigalantee, Big Mike, and Prince for the "Unlimited Ghetto Pass" as well as the escort down to da hood***

- Catch

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you tube - no jaangle (video)
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No Jaangle Movement
Phatadat Records

While most of the rap world continues to wallow in misogynistic lyrics and racist attitudes (see, every black rapper, like, say 50 Cent, who celebrates lowering his own people into pointless violence, drug dealing and smackin’ ho’s around does more harm than the KKK ever did, dig?), KC local hip-hop and rap artist Vigalantee masterfully shows what is best in one of the most original, vibrant and truly American forms of music ever created.

The breakout 18 tracks on No Jaangle (which is street for “Never compromise, not being ignorant, and respecting others”) are a flowing and elegant mix of straight rap, R & B and hip hop that takes off from the beat-box beats of the first track “Zipitee Do”, and just gets better from there. With help from V.O.W. and Shadow, Roger Suggs, a k a Vigalantee weaves tales of the street with both humor and sorrow, and with crystal-clear lyrics that compel while still flowing with simple melodies and back up beats.

Recorded at Dan Smith Studios and mastered at West End Studio in KCK, the quality here is superb (probably without costing a couple million bucks, either), enhancing, without undercutting, the artist…as it should be.

Don’t get it wrong: this isn’t mushy pop or preachy “respect” hip-hop. There is more than enough of a hard edge here, as well as plenty of infectious club vibes to get the ladies dancin’.

In a world where most rap artists need a criminal record more than any talent or ability (say, like, oh, 50 Cent…), No Jaangle is an exceptional reminder of what rap and hip-hop could be — music of a people that can shine at the worst of times and bring light into the lost souls of the street. —Brandon Whitehead (posted



Posted on Sat, Feb. 11, 2006
COMMENTARYRapper changes his messageSTEVE PENNRoger Suggs once was a battle rapper, specializing in the hard-edged, provocative “gangsta rap” genre meant to attack and belittle an opponent.
But when Suggs started seeing so many young people caught up in the music being killed, he decided to change.
“When I was growing up it was all about the love of the music,” said Suggs, who goes by the rap name Vigalantee. “Now this whole thing has changed, and we’re doing things like out of a minstrel show. We’re shucking and jiving.
“So instead of the Bojangles movement, I started the No Jaangle Movement, which is the opposite.”
In January his CD “No Jaangle Movement” was released. On the CD, he explains what the phrase “no jaangle” means.
“Never compromise who you are,” Suggs said. “You don’t have to be ignorant to be successful. And respect those that walked before you, like your mother, your grandparents and those that fought in the civil rights struggle. When you show respect, you’re not going to be out there robbing and killing your own people.”
The 18-track CD features songs that speak to respect and changing lives. The CD is available at or at 7th Heaven.
“I rap about everything on it, from real estate to loving your people,” Suggs said. “I try to focus on what the ghetto could really be like if we got together and focused on living in harmony. I just do it in a rap form without it being corny.”


Po Man Story, $5 Dolla Likk,NO JAANGLE MOVEMENT, A.N.I.M.A.L.

Soulflo, PSA, Bars Freestyle pt 1, Beautiful and Forever Shine are all songs streaming on the internet or being played on the radio currently


Feeling a bit camera shy


NO JAANGLE: never compromising who you are; not being ignorant to be successful. Respecting and recognizing those who have walked before you. Taking the Black Face of Shame off!

This movement is about increasing awareness of the social and economic impact of Hip Hop as well as breaking down the barriers to reach the average casual listener or critic who does not know about this music genre. It’s about using one’s influence to help others to do great things through education, community involvement, and mentoring.

This movement is targeted to schools, churches, community groups and beyond. There is group discussions on violence, peer pressure, responsibilities of the artist, and media’s depiction of rap music and its influence on our society today.
Our objective is to show and inform that rap can be positive, educational and a valuable asset in shaping our future leaders for tomorrow.

For booking or more information please call ROGER M SUGGS or 913-314-3773.