BandHip HopPop

t.p.m (thought provoking music)


NO JAANGLE: never compromising who you are; not being ignorant to be successful. Respecting and recognizing those who have walked before you. Taking the Black Face of Shame off!

This movement is about increasing awareness of the social and economic impact of Hip Hop as well as breaking down the barriers to reach the average casual listener or critic who does not know about this music genre. It’s about using one’s influence to help others to do great things through education, community involvement, and mentoring.

This movement is targeted to schools, churches, community groups and beyond. There is group discussions on violence, peer pressure, responsibilities of the artist, and media’s depiction of rap music and its influence on our society today.
Our objective is to show and inform that rap can be positive, educational and a valuable asset in shaping our future leaders for tomorrow.

For booking or more information please call ROGER M SUGGS or 913-314-3773.


Po Man Story, $5 Dolla Likk,NO JAANGLE MOVEMENT, A.N.I.M.A.L.

Soulflo, PSA, Bars Freestyle pt 1, Beautiful and Forever Shine are all songs streaming on the internet or being played on the radio currently

Set List

Lecture w Q&A and /or performances of
No Jaangle (Mission), My Ghetto(Remix), Club Music.
45 min to 60 min. May include more performances if time allows.