Vigilante Sidekicks

Vigilante Sidekicks


Vigilante Sidekicks are a throwback to when rock n roll could just be called rock n roll without having to be put in sub-categories for people without imagination. That's exactly what the sound is, bare-boned old fashioned rock n roll.


Vigilante Sidekicks came to life during the Summer of 2004. Comprised of musicians from various Detroit area bands, including Down Doggy, Choking Susan, Moose Knuckle and an assortment of other bands, V.S.decided early on in their existence that their goal should be to write music that would appeal to them. Combining all the styles that influenced the band - a style built upon the ideals of the blues & rock n' roll with an underlining punk attitude -Vigilante Sidekicks refuses to label their sound with anything other than "good ol' fashioned riff-driven rock." Part of their goal is to attempt to make an impact on the local scene and build their foundation in familiar venues, polishing and broadening their repertoire before unleashing themselves to the world.



Written By: Vigilante Sidekicks


Baby listen to me, stop grieving

Baby listen to me, your hearts been torn apart

Baby listen to me, stop pleading


I don't want to

What do you care for


Baby listen to me, you're healing

Baby listen to me, your hard times gone away

Get Over Here

Written By: Vigilante Sidekicks


You say you like the cool breeze

Running through your hair

You say you like the cool breeze

Against your face

You say you like the burn of the cigarette in your lungs

Remember when we were young girls living down the street


Hey baby, I'm never gonna leave

Hey baby, you better believe

Hey baby, I'm never gonna leave

I'll never leave


Called me up today

Say where'd you like to meet

Let's hang at your place

We got new photographs &

We'll be having some fun, we'll be drinking all night

Let's plan another trip & get lost in the limelight

Anvil In Chicago

Written By: Vigilante Sidekicks


Saturday night we played a show

Met lots of talented people

That night, let's go


To Chicago


We're broke, six hours to go

See another Dropsonic, Hard Lessons show

Water, shot, beer baby

The fearless friends we came here

Get a hotel at Motel 6


In Chicago

The anvil says happy birthday baby

You're finally 17

You play in a punk rock band


You made me feel so real

Slept in your arms, I don't wanna go

A little piece of my wound you healed


Vigilante Sidekicks--Self titled EP
Vigilante Sidekicks--Pull the Trigger (currently being mastered)

Set List

Our typical set is around 40 minutes in length, about the standard for bands. We only perform one set a night, we have no interest in being a bar band. We occasionally will through a cover into our set, usually from the reportoire of the Ramones or Rancid. Our set contains 13-16 songs on any given night.