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This music I create is the beginning of a new era in hip hop music. The sound is a fusion of funk, bass, and beats. This music is not only stimulating, but also, invigorating. The sound alone virtually rejuvenates all five senses. This sound is very revolutionary.


Vigilany Slimm
Rebirth of Hip Hop

Representing Mobile (Prichard) Alabama, Vigilany Slimm, whose real name is Jermaine McCall, has been on a mission since he was 16-years-old: to bring substance and honesty back to hip-hop. Describing his style simply as “revolutionary,” over the last 11-years, Slimm has evolved from a humble poet to an MC of potentially star studded proportions.
Always having been a constant observer of his surroundings and student of the human experience through a rough upbringing, a young but wise McCall often chose poetry instead of the streets. Also a fan of hip-hop, McCall identified with the energy, frustration and raw talent of N.W.A., The Geto Boys, and Ice Cube that truly piqued his interest in picking up the microphone. By 1997 he hooked up with a friend – Demarco Robinson who was already a rapper and delved into the art of rhyming, where he quickly found himself at home. From there, Vigilany Slimm was born!
Together Slimm and Polo (who now goes by Civilian) formed the group 'URBAN LIFE', which stands for Under Resistance Black Americans Never Lack Insight for Excellence; thus began the quest of the Vigilany - to bring back the essence of hip-hop! At first he kept his rhymes close to his vest but his confidence quickly grew along with his rapping skills. For the next three years as a group, their chemistry was a hit with local fans and they were often the highlight at local performances.
By 2000, Slimm had transformed! The experience of transitioning his poetry from paper to the microphone forged a new reality for Vigilany as a performer and validated his raw rhyming ability. His unique ability to capture reality and vocally represent the people and experiences in his neighborhood earned him abundant respect from the community and solidified his confidence as a performing artist. From there he decided to continue developing as a solo performer and began working on his first 13 track CD 'Nihilism', which he finished shortly before moving to Atlanta in 2004. With a philosophy as unique as his style, Vigilany is motivated by his commitment to represent the struggles of his fellow man in his songs while providing his neighborhood and fans with a voice for life’s struggles.
Now in Atlanta, a haven for underground performers and artists, Vigilany’s 'Nihilism' made a big splash on the underground circuit and helped motivate him towards his second project, 'Hard But Fair', released in 2007. This 16 track ‘UG’ classic is a strong follow up project that further demonstrates his growth as an MC and his evolution towards rap super stardom.
Vigilany has built a following from Atlanta’s open mic events and has performed live at the Atrium, Hour Glass Sports Café, The Trademark, and Jenean’s Carribean Restaurant. Look out for this upcoming star at

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Nilihism (2004)
Hard But Fair (2007)

Set List

The set is usally 3-5 songs; I perform 'Everywhere He Goes', 'Already Str8', 'It Ain't OK', 'I Got 'Em', and 'Pass U'