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"Iceland Airwaves Festival, Live review"

Vigri are pounding Norðurljós with a rhythmic wave of music. People are strewn around, sitting on the floor and propped in corners, and everyone’s attention is firmly set on the stage, where Vigri are making some interesting noises. Generally a core of five guys, tonight they are an eleven man band, whose sound hearkens Sigur Rós, with a few forays into tentative, classic sounding guitar riffs, which break up crashing walls of sound and harmonious melodies. Whew. It’s quite a naval gazing experience and the prone position of some members of the audience says a lot for the effect of the music on people. - Grapewine Magazine

"Vigri review"

Vigri arrive at the scene with an ambitious and powerful debut, the self-produced ‘Pink Boats’. With dark and heavy arrangements and a dreamlike atmosphere, the band asserts itself in the Icelandic experimental post-rock tradition of bands such as Sin Fang and Sigur Rós. But make no mistake, with ‘Pink Boats’, Vigri are making their own unique mark on the music scene.

The album’s quality lies not the least in the band’s ambitious and strong songwriting and songs such as ‘Animals’, ‘I Augsyn’ and ‘Fume’ are excellent examples of the band’s keen sense for strong and memorable melodies. It takes a few listens for these songs to settle in but once inside your head they tend to stick there. The first song that caught me was the album’s third track, ‘Animals’, which is probably the catchiest song on the whole album.

To sum up, ‘Pink Boats’ is the one of the most powerful, ambitious and exciting albums I have heard for a long time and I can’t wait to hear what these guys have in store in the coming years. - Icelandic Daily mail, Dr. Gunni


The best thing that came out form Iceland since Sigur Rós’s Ágaetis Byrjun, ( ) and Múm’s Loksins Erum Við Engin, and one of the most ambitious albums I've heard in years!!!

It has the power and the breath of Pink Floyd... and at the same time, we can feel that they're from the same land than Sigur Rós (engineer : Birgir Jón Birgisson). "Coin Finder" and "These are the Eyes" also remind me some King Crimson narrations. Vigri has both the boldness of 70's progressive and sensitivity of experimental post-rock.

Keyboards and brasses on many songs (Animals, I Augsyn, ...) give a real power and deepness to the music. Back vocals are also great and give humanity, almost a feeling of sacred. One of their greatest strengths is also the use of traditional instruments and sounds proper to Iceland.

My hope is that they get greater audience, because they have more resources and future than many post-rockers. ("Sleep" is maybe the most personal song on this album, and my favorite.) With all the talent these guys have, if they truly create something new, it can change the landscape of music, I'm sure!
- Gogoyoko Magazine


Pink Boats released in June 2011

First single, Animals stayed on the list of top songs on the Icelandic national radio(Rás 2) for over 6 weeks in the autumn 2011.

Animals, was also at the list of top songs on the Icelandic Alternative radio station(X977).

The music video for Vigri’s song, "Sleep", was shot under the infamous volcano Eyjafjallajokull, amidst the ash fallout following its eruption in 2010; the video has since been nominated at various international film festivals around the world. Recently, Vigri has released videos from their release concert in Fríkirkjan church, located in downtown Reykjavik - you can check out these videos below.

Sleep Official Music Video -

Live perfrormance at Frikirkjan Church, Reykjavik
These Are the Eyes -

Sleep -

Maternal Machine -



"Vigri is a five piece band from Reykjavik, Iceland, and on this first self-released album, they deliver a dreamy, melancholy pop masterpiece. Vigri seems to have an innate feel for haunting melodies that are all their own, and the vocals shine with an immediately memorable sound." Frankurd Zen

Named for the last ship their Grandfather captained, Vigri’s music has the power and breath of Pink Floyd, and the enlightening melancholy whimper of Sigur Rós. As the brainchild of two brothers from Iceland, Vigri paves the way for melodies with enough power to rumble the foundations of the churches in which their debut album was recorded. With guitar riffs like depth charges, and powerful brass and keyboards, it’s no surprise that their concerts have received great critical acclaim for innovation and power, creating a dreamlike atmosphere with a majestic blend of pop and classical music.

“Pink Boats”

Vigri has received a lot of attention in Iceland for their debut album, “Pink Boats”, released locally in Summer 2011. The album was mixed at the famous Sundlaugin studio by Sigur Rós's soundman Birgir Jón Birgisson, and includes ten original tracks featuring a huge variety of instruments - from electric guitars, to the bells of Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik. “Pink Boats” was recorded mostly in old churches around Iceland to capture the unique atmosphere and sounds the wooden halls provided. The album's name is derived from the red Icelandic sunset, which would lie over the sea's horizon and turn all the boats from white to pink.

Here's what the music press had to say about Vigri’s first LP yet and live performances:

Album of the month - Top 5 on a Friday website

"Ne cherchez pas plus loin la révélation islandaise de l’année,(The Icelandic revelation of the year)" - Indie Rock Magazine in France

To sum up, ‘Pink Boats’ is very convincing debut album and one of the most powerful, ambitious and exciting albums I have heard for a long time and I can’t wait to hear what these guys have in store in the coming years. -
-Icelandic daily newspaper, Dr. Gunni 9.5/10

“The very first time I listened to this album back in June I fell in love with it and I still have the album on high rotation, one of the best debut albums I've heard in a long time” – -Icelandic Daily Mail 4/5, Grímur Hákonarson

"Speaking (or writing) as a child of the sixties, I can hear a lot of different influences in this music from different eras. Most importantly though, I hear a band that has put effort into their music and come up with something very rewarding. Vigri, you should be proud, great performance"
- Review from Iceland Airwaves music Festival 2011

"The best thing that came out form Iceland since Sigur Rós’s Ágaetis Byrjun, ( ) and Múm’s Loksins Erum Við Engin, and one of the most ambitious albums I've heard in years."
- Gogoyoko. 9.5/10