Viki Nova

Viki Nova


Viki Nova's voice is an experience that will affect you, regardless. She packs such a punch, yet touches her audiences with emotion & soul. She can rock you and touch a nerve. Often compared to Janis Joplin, Viki Nova's performances are honest and full of soul, funk, blues and rock 'n roll.


"Power pop gems," "begs for radio play," and "excellent songwriting skills," are common phrases in Viki's reviews of her debut album, "Catch Me If You Can!" She has already shared the stage with big names like Train, The Barenaked Ladies, and The Calling - and she's not even signed yet! Her music is heavily influenced by pop icons of the 60s & 70s like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Stones (yes, her parents favorites), with a little punk, and female pop-rock thrown in.

She loves to be on stage - something her fans already know from her high energy and honesty during every performance. Viki is an independent minded young woman who handles her career all by herself, full time. She started her own record label, Think For Yourself Records, and does everything from booking & promotion to designing her own website.

** nominated by WAMA for "Best Rock Vocals" of 2004 **
** winner of ROCKRGRL Magazine's Musical Discoveries 2004 search **


:: Catch Me If You Can! - newest release on Viki's own label, Think For Yourself Records

:: The single "Nothing Changes" is included in Rockrgrl Magazine's 2004 Musical Discoveries Compilation CD.

Set List

anywhere from one :45 minute set to three 1 hour sets... depends on the venue.