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Vikki Gilmore

Montréal, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Montréal, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter




"Vikki Gilmore "Someone" Single Review"

The feeling I get here is a bit Laura Marling, with some of the modern flavor of a Maggie Rogers. It starts out as a simple folk song, with the flourishes of fast fingers against guitar strings, and segues into an uptempo 4-on-the-floor with added percussion.

The energy is both soothing and a bit peppery, while the voice sounds to be on the fashionable side of timid: controlled, well-purposed, and perfectly blended into the song. The lyrics are what deliver the final experience, with a tone that comes across as wise and slightly magical:

“This someone made it clear to me that everything we do
is based upon a disregarded universal truth
even though we seem to have it all under control
there’s always something else that’s eating at your soul”
— Vikki Gilmore - Chillfiltr

"Italian Radio Interview for Someone EP"

Italian radio interview in Trento, IT for Vikki Gilmore's upcoming EP Someone. - Radio Dolomiti - Trento

"Montreal singer premieres new video filmed in Lancaster, ON"

LANCASTER — A Montreal singer chose this picturesque village to film her latest video and is thanking it by having the release party for the video where it was shot.

Vikki Gilmore is a Montreal born singer-songwriter who has been singing since high school.

“I started when I was around 14 or 15 years old,” said Gilmore. “I write everything myself. I consider myself a singer-songwriter so I do all my own work.”

Gilmore said right now, she considers her main genre of music as indie-folk music.

“Some people could classify it differently, but it really is sort of acoustic folk,” she said.

Gilmore said she was launching a new EP with five songs called “Someone” on Sept. 7.

“The headlining song for the EP is also called “Someone”,” she said. “We filmed a music video for that song in Lancaster.”

So Gilmore decided she would have a backyard screening for the video in Lancaster on Friday, Aug. 17.

“The screening will be at one of the houses that hosted our filming,” she said. “That’s going to be really cool and we are really excited.”

Gilmore said there will be a large screen and projector playing the video.

“We just want to invite anybody that is interested and wants to come down to watch the video,” she said. “It’s will be premiering online that day as well, so this will be the first sneak peak.”

Gilmore said it was an interesting way to release her video.

“The album itself comes out on Sept. 7,” she said. “So there will be a launch event for that in Montreal on Sept. 15. So that will be exciting.”

Gilmore said she made a Facebook event for anyone interested in going to the launch of the video for “Someone” in Lancaster.

More information can be found at a Facebook event created for the screening. The launch will be at 20386 Old Montreal Rd. in Lancaster from 6 until 9 p.m. Don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs to enjoy this evening of music and fun. - Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

"A Look Inside POP Montreal’s Singer Vikki Gilmore"

~Published on GIG Soup Music~

Vikki Gilmore walked into Aunja Café, wearing her enormous winter coat with her crazy curly hair flying out of it, and she swiftly brought warmth to the cold Canadian winter underground coffee shop. She ordered her curative drink to battle off any winter sicknesses, a ginger tea, and told me all about her nineteen-year-old experience as an up-and-coming singer-songwriter.

She’s growing fast in the Montreal music community, she’s nineteen, a psychology major at McGill University, and has the talent and dedication to make it in the music industry.

Where did you get your name from? Is there any relation to Gilmore Girls?

It’s my actual name actually, but we’re pretty much all girls in the family, so we get that often. I did write a song after watching an episode of Gilmore Girls though. It’s called Happy for You, and it’s what Rory would say to Jess when he wasn’t treating her right.

What made you want to become a singer-songwriter?

It’s a pretty funny story actually. I never thought I would become a singer; I would always write poetry when I was a kid. It was all the really cheesy stuff, you know. When I was young, I would always sing on road trips and my family would say “okay… not again.” I was awful; it was pretty funny. In high school, one of my friends told me there was a talent show and that I should try out just for fun. I thought I could never do that but I sang with all my friends and from there, and I realized I wanted to do it by myself and then it all started. Eventually, it just became an outlet for me. It’s like therapy.

What’s your process to songwriting?

It’s the same process you would go about writing in a journal, really. It kind of just happens whenever you feel something. I could be hanging out with a group of people, and somebody will say something I’ll have to write it down. Or if I’m on the go, I’ll have to put a note on my phone because it will bother me all day otherwise. Then I get home and spend a couple hours on it. Sometimes it will take me a few months to finish a song, but the best ones are the ones that I end on the same day.

Do your studies in psychology play a role in your songwriting?

Sort of because the songwriting process is very personal. I find that I write my songs in a way people can relate to and psychology helps with that. In Cégep actually, we were doing a segment on depression, and it was during that time that I wrote Empty Past. Psychology was my subject of interest I had throughout school, and I found a way to combine the two.

Favourite part of singing and songwriting?

It’s usually when I’m performing, and I get to see the way people are reacting to my words. I did a show for an outdoor festival this summer, and I didn’t notice this because my eyes were closed while I was singing, but someone took this photo of a couple dancing to my song. To me, that was the sweetest moment. It moved them in a way that touched me as well when I first wrote it. The best feeling is when the message you wanted to portray gets portrayed.

And you’ve played here before, right?

Yes, I performed here last year and this February for Kickdrum x Jam for Justice Winter Festival. I played songs from my EP and three of my new ones. Only two of them are titled for now. There is Someone, which will hopefully be released soon, and Tomorrow, which I performed for the first time. I played a set alongside to friends of mine, Aidan Reckziegel and Wyler Diome-Montour (Of Wolves). It was a full house, filled with friends, family, and people down for some jams.

You’re releasing Tomorrow and Someone shortly, can you tell me a little about these songs?

I’m recording Someone in the studio right now, so hopefully, it will be out in the next few months. The common theme for these ones would be internal conflict and try to balance what you’re feeling with how you’re acting. And with a little romance to keep it fancy.

What are your other songs about?

A lot of them are about individual stories and sometimes about my own experiences. There was a particular detail that I put in a song once, and I thought nobody would notice, but some friends came up to me telling me how they knew it was me I was singing about. So I’m not doing that anymore.

Do you have a favourite song you like to play?

It would be the new one that I just wrote, Tomorrow. I wrote it for a friend who recently went through a terrible loss. It’s my way of telling her that it’s okay not to be okay. You always have people saying it will get better or to get over it but I want to tell her that it doesn’t have to be okay right now and it’s okay to grieve.

Who are your inspirations?

I’d say people like Joni Mitchel, Leonard Cohen… Canadians. The Lumineers are one of my favorite artists right now. They are my idols because of the messages that they portrayed. They brought communities together like Leonard Cohen did with the Montreal community.

How was it to sing for POP Montreal?

It was the biggest venue I had performed for. I got to see the area where all the artists get ready, it was really cool. It made me think it would be nice to have people to prepare and perform with. So far I haven’t had the chance to perform with a full band or to add more instrumental depth to the song that way.

What are your next steps?

Hopefully, work towards a full-length album. I have enough songs for an album, I just need to get the funding, and it’s hard to balance school and music.

What are you going to do when you finish school?

I have no idea. I still have two more years of school. It depends on what I do with my music until then. I do know I just couldn’t give up music.

Finally, what are your goals and dreams?

Performing at Metropolis. That’s where I grew up watching shows, you really feel like you’re connecting with every artist even if they have no idea who you are. That’s my five-year plan, and it would be the coolest thing to happen. - Gloria Pancrazi

"20 standouts under 20 from Searchlight 2016"

In this year's Searchlight competition, we've received numerous submissions across the country from bright, talented musicians under 20. In the gallery above, we highlight a range of young acts representing different genres from folk to indie to R&B/soul.


Who: Vikki Gilmore

Song: "Where You're From"

About: You'll fall in love with Vikki Gilmore's acoustic, indie sound. This 18-year-old from Dorval, Que., is no stranger to performing onstage. She began her singing career as a YouTube cover artist four years ago, and has been writing music and engaging with viewers ever since. Check out her Searchlight submission, "Where You're From." - CBC Music

"Behind The Music: Vikki Gilmore’s Where You’re From EP"

It is always very interesting to watch as artists grow over time and to see how their craft progresses. In the case of Vikki Gilmore, watching her music transform into what it has become has been a true blessing. She is now at a level of quality that can be compared to some of the greats, and this is clearly exemplified by her latest EP titled ‘Where You’re From’, which was released just a few weeks ago on March 18th.

The project remains consistent with Vikki’s forte in that it is a folk/acoustic style EP with calming vibes and emotional lyrics. When asked about the meaning behind the project Vikki stated: “I was especially inspired by the fact that everyone experiences music in a completely different way. Although I wrote my songs with specific (personal) intentions in mind, I would love, and encourage, them to be interpreted by the listeners in whatever way they desire. My ultimate goal is for listeners to be able to connect with the lyrics in a personal way.” The EP consisted of 6 different tracks all with different meanings and different inspirations as well.

There are many artists who, through their music, elect to share as many personal experiences as possible; to really let their fans in on every aspect of their lives. This is great, but obviously every artists is unique and elects to use their craft to share different messages. Vikki does share many different lessons learned from her past, however not everything on the album is a representation of her past. Rather, she elected to portray certain depictions of characters that were based off of people in her life, and to convey stories based on conversations that stood out to her the most. For these reasons she characterizes the songs as somewhat ‘auto-fictitious’. She went on to share explanations of a few of the individual tracks on the project:

Empty Past: “I wrote this one to describe someone that was always contradicting themselves by causing other people pain but then constantly complaining about being unhappy and treated poorly.”

On Your Own: “This song is about a friend who, to this day, doesn’t understand that you can be loved even if you’re broken.”

My Song: “While listen to the song’s studio recording with one of my best friends at 4am, I realized that My Song now meant something completely different to me than what its purpose was when I had written it a month prior.”

To perfectly complement the buzz surrounding her project’s release, Vikki released the music video to the track Empty Past, which can be found below!

“I am especially grateful for everyone that has supported me and helped me accomplish the first step in achieving my dream. I can’t wait to see where this EP takes me.”

Where You’re From EP is available on all music streaming and download platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music). - This Is My Experience

"Vikki Gilmore's Perpetual Journey"

Montreal singer-songwriter Vikki Gilmore may be young, but her music breathes with a wizened lung and beats with a well-traveled heart. Despite only being in her first year at McGill studying psychology, Gilmore’s songs teem with the emotional insight that ordinarily takes a lifetime of experience and regret to access. Blending a technically honed voice and a ultra-sincere indie-folk writing style, she enraptures listeners in abstract yet personal tales with universal themes like disappointment, longing, confusion, loneliness and self-discovery. Graphite reached out to Vikki to learn a little bit more about her before she becomes a household name in MTL.

Who inspires you, both in and outside of the realm of music?

My inspirations change every day! I’d have to say, though, my family and friends are my biggest inspirations. Inside the realm of music, my biggest inspirations range from the singers that I grew up listening to (Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, etc.), to the ever-so talented local artists I get to meet in the industry.

How has living in Montreal impacted you and your art?

Montreal is such a diverse city, both culturally and musically. For that reason, I’ve been able to cultivate so many stories and characters that have helped me create music that really resonates with listeners. Growing up in Montreal has largely influenced my passion for music and my personal style of music, which are all parts of who I am today!

What’s the hardest part of your day?

The hardest part of my day is also the best part of my day. Around midnight, I tend to get a major surge of creative energy. It’s great because some of my best work comes out of this, but it’s also terrible because then I lose energy for the next day! The hardest part is having to go to bed when my head is swarming with new ideas.

What does songwriting have in common with psychology?

Studying psychology has really helped me understand what it is to be human. We often tend to forget that how we think, how we feel and how we see the world is very different from everyone else. Not only has this helped me become more open to understanding and getting to know the people in my life, but this has also helped me write songs that are more reflective of the interpersonal human experience.

How have you changed between the Hope/Espoir EP and the latest release?

My Hope/Espoir EP was released as a high school integrative project as well as a way to honour my aunt, Antonella, who passed away from lung cancer a few months prior. It was a project to reflect and to thank my aunt for always inspiring me and for constantly encouraging me to make music. It was also a way to raise awareness for lung cancer and the stigmatization that often surrounds the disease. My aunt had never smoked a day in her life and yet while she fought her battle, she had been often made to feel as though she brought the illness upon herself. I am extremely proud of that project because it served as a stepping stone for my music career. It was that project that gave me the extra push I needed to really pursue music as both a passion and a career.

What are you passionate about apart from music?

I’m passionate about film, literature, history, food (although I’m not the best cook), animal rights and experiencing the world.

What should we expect from you in the near future?

November 12th is going to be a very exciting day for me! A music video for the third track on the Where You’re From EP called “My Song” will be released that day. The video was directed by two extremely talented film students from Montreal, Julia Kozak and Justine Costello, and stars local actors Isabella Sieira-Dovali and Maxence Girard. I also have a show at Le Cagibi that same night at 8pm with Mattie Leon from Toronto and Eva Foote from Edmonton. Beyond that, I’m constantly writing new music and working on collaborations so there will definitely be more to expect of me in the near future!

Find all of Gilmore’s music on her official website:

Le Cagibi show Facebook event link:

Written by: COLIN MILLER - Graphite Publication

"Backyard Dreaming – Live at Theatre Ste-Catherine – June 2nd, 2016 – Montreal, QC"

After a day of light showers and high humidity, what better to do than go downtown and watch a show in a small venue like the Theatre Ste-Catherine. Tonight was the launch of the new EP Interpretation from Montreal’s Backyard Dreaming.


Now acclimated to my new surroundings part of said tie-dye mob, it was time for the show to commence. Opening up the night was 18-year-old Vikki Gilmore, also from Montreal. As she stepped on the stage she made her presence felt, talking to the crowd and acknowledging her friends. From the first note you could tell this girl has a unique talent. Her voice is soothing and calm, much different from the screaming I usually listen to. She had a solid set with “Tired” and “Empty Past” standing out as nice little gems. Prior to “Empty Past” she made a shout-out to all the selfish people that only thought of themselves, which were the inspiration for her song; everybody could relate. She ended her performance with a new song called “Somewhere.” It was beautiful, and ,she is just getting better folks. She is definitely worth a listen to.


Written and Photographed by Eric Brisson - Bucket List Music Reviews

"Montreal’s Vikki Gilmore Releases Heartwarming “My Song” Video"

19 year-old singer/songwriter Vikki Gilmore has released “My Song”, the second music video in support of his debut EP, “Where You’re From”. Directed by fellow Montrealers Justine Costello and Julia Kozak, the video complaints Gilmore’s warm and breezy texture through a story of summer love.

Video Link:

Ahead of the release, we spoke to Gilmore about the song, along with what is yet to come from the talented songstress:

Mr. Wavvy: What was the inspiration behind the song?

Vikki Gilmore: The song was inspired by the complicity of unrequited in all of its forms.

What can we expect from you music wise within the next year?

Definitely more live performances, collaborations with other artists and hopefully an full length album in the works.

What is the meaning of life?


Throughout the past year, Gilmore has been gaining a steady following for herself, performing shows at some of Montreal’s favourite venues including Parc Jean Drapeau and Theatre Sainte-Catherine, along with festivals such as POP Montreal, Monkland Street Festival, and MURAL. You could catch her tonight at Le Cagibi, opening for Mattie Leon. More info on the show is available here. - Mr. Waavy

"Current Sessions EP03: Vikki Gilmore"

We took 18 year old singer-songwriter Vikki Gilmore to the Bonaventure Metro Tunnel in Montreal to film a live performance of her original “My Song” off her new album “Where You’re From”.

[Video] - Fauxpop Culture

"PREMIERE: Vikki Gilmore Performs “My Song” for Current Sessions Productions"

Current Sessions Productions have been promoting local artists and staple Canadian locations through intimate, unplugged video performances. This week, we are excited to premiere their newest session, that of Montreal-based Vikki Gilmore.

In 2016, CBC Music named her one of the Top 20 Standout Artists Under 20 for very good reason. After the release of her well-crafted, bilingual EP back in 2014, her newest project ‘Where You’re From’ was made available this past March. Current Sessions recently teamed up with the singer-songwriter as she performed one of her tracks off her most recent EP in her hometown.

Here is what Vikki had to say about this particular track:
'“My Song” is about unrequited love in the most hopeful sense of the word. Filming in the Montreal metro station was perfect for the song because not only is my EP “Where You’re From” inspired by my experiences in my city, but also because the dark ambiance of the tunnel embodies the light at the end of every mundane journey.'

The video was shot in Montreal’s metro system and shows the brick-clad walls and long hallways that characterize the city’s underground. Though usually extremely busy, Vikki’s calming vocals and entrancing lyrics provide a more peaceful, fresh take on the location. I’ll take this vibe over the pedestrian-filled and fast-paced environment any day!

Check out the video below: - CONFRONT Magazine

"Get To Know: Vikki Gilmore"

Eighteen year old Vikki Gilmore is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Montreal, Canada. Her debut EP “Where You’re From” came out just last week, and we had the chance to see where it all started.

BTS: How did you get started writing your own music?

VG: I really started writing songs when I got my first guitar. In very short, my family happily but reluctantly bought me a guitar for my 15th birthday, thinking I would never play it. Much to their surprise, I wrote my first song that day after attempting to learn chords until my fingers bled. I’ve been writing music ever since.

BTS: Who are some of your biggest influences, musical and non-musical?

VG: Some of my musical influences include Patrick Watson, Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel, Elton John, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Birdy and Brandi Carlile, just to name a few.

Ultimately though, My family, friends and teachers have been my biggest influences. They have always supported me no matter what and gave me the push of encouragement I needed to believe that this is something I should be doing. At every stage in the game there has always been someone pushing me to continue to the next step. When I participated in my first school talent show, my music teachers were right there encouraging me to do it again next year. When I sang my first song to my family, they said it was great (because they had to, of course) and told me to write more. When I launched my EP, my closest friends were all there to support me, anticipating my next projects. I’m really lucky to have such a great support system and I owe everything to them.

BTS: What is your favorite part of the process (ie. writing, recording, etc.)?

VG: My favourite parts of the process are recording, getting inspiration for songs and hearing peoples stories and reactions towards the music. There is no better feeling than someone telling you how your music reminded them of a memory that they cherished or how it made them feel. The other day I was performing “My Song”, the fourth track on the EP, and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw my friend tighten his grip around his girlfriend during the chorus. Little moments like that make it the experience so much more incredible.

BTS: What’s a song you wish you would have written?

VG: I really wish I would have written “The Giving Tree” by Plain White T’s. It made me cry the first time I listened to it because not only did it reminded me of of my childhood (AKA Shel Silverstein’s masterpiece) but it also really spoke to me about people taking advantage of well intentioned and whole hearted love.

I also wish I would have written Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”. Her 2000 remake of the song still gives me shivers all over my body and I really think it’s a song that everyone can relate to.

BTS: What’s something you’d like to say to the music world in terms of what we can expect to see in the coming years?

VG: My next goals are to get as much live performance experience as possible and to hopefully eventually release my debut album as soon as possible. All I can say is that telling stories through my music is my ultimate passion and I plan on doing so for a very long time.

You can find more of Vikki on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Buy/listen to “Where You’re From” on iTunes and Spotify. - Beyond The Stage Magazine

"Vikki Gilmore, “Where You’re From” EP Review"

Montreal native Vikki Gilmore takes acoustic, guitar based melodies and builds her own unique sound. Her wide variety of influences – ranging from Elton John to Birdy – creates a base for the eighteen year old singer/songwriter to develop a style that’s both classic and refreshing.

Gilmore’s mellow vocals come through strong in the title track. The acoustic guitar complement the underlying harmonies and lyrics that embody the universal feeling of being stuck where you are. Gilmore uses that theme throughout the EP and creates a piece of work that translates through multiple walks of life.

“Where You’re From” is an EP that sounds like the soundtrack to painting a sunset or watching beach tides pull in on a cloudy day. The tracks blend well together, making it an easy and enjoyable listen. Recognizable songs that follow the title track include My Song and The Nights Are All You Know. Both songs have heartfelt subjects that are carried by Gilmore’s simplistic lyrics that come together as solid additions to any acoustic favorites playlist.

As a whole, Gilmore has used this debut to solidify her individuality amongst a large scope of likeminded artists. For anybody needing their daily dose of relaxation and good feels, this one’s for you. - Beyond The Stage Magazine

"Vikki Gilmore"

A midst the bustling halls at Marianopolis College sits Vikki Gilmore ’16. An Honours Psychology student and an established singer-songwriter, her cover songs have been recognized by artists such as Emblem3 and Iggy Azalea.

Surprisingly, Vikki’s musical talent was not something that blossomed right away. At the young age of seven, she began writing poetry but lacked musical ability. In fact, her family often joked that she sounded like “Mickey Mouse with a cold!” Vikki did not let this stop her; when she was in high school, she enthusiastically joined the concert band in addition to the required music class in order to surround herself with music and gain experience. It is here where she learned how to play the clarinet and realized her passion for live performance after taking part in her high school’s annual talent show Café Cabaret.

On Vikki’s fifteenth birthday, her mother gave her a guitar which she tirelessly played from that day forward - she considers herself a self-taught guitar player. Among some of Vikki’s favourite artists, and those that she uses as inspiration when creating her own music, are Simon & Garfunkel, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell, Patrick Watson,
Ed Sheeran, Birdy, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. As one can see, Vikki is inspired by a variety of artists which in turn makes it difficult to label or classify her own music as a particular genre.

In 2014, Vikki released both her first EP and first single, together with a self-produced video. Not only is Vikki a talented musician, she also gives back to the community – she used the release of her album as a way to raise awareness for Lung Cancer Canada, a non-profit organization based in Toronto, Ontario, whose mandate is to increase the public’s awareness of lung cancer and to offer support and educational resources to patients and their families and caregivers. This particular foundation holds a special place in Vikki’s heart because her aunt, who suffered and eventually passed away from lung cancer, befriended many of the great people who are involved in the organization. Lung Cancer Canada was a source of comfort and support during that very difficult time.

Recently, Vikki performed live at the Marianopolis’ Got Talent variety show, where her talent and passion for music were clear to all within earshot. Many in attendance claimed that Vikki’s performance gave them goosebumps – her talent is simply jaw-dropping. If this public’s reaction is indicative of Vikki’s skill set, it is abundantly clear that she has an incredible future in music in front of her and will – as so many alums who have preceded her - go on to do great things.

Once Vikki completes her schooling at Marianopolis in Spring 2016, she certainly intends to pursue a career in music and to continue her studies in Psychology. Somehow, Vikki hopes to find a way to combine these two disciplines (and passions). When asked what she strives to achieve as an artist, Vikki simply says “... to be able to connect with others on an emotional level.” There is no doubt that Ms. Gilmore is definitely hitting the right notes. - Marianopolis Matters

"Montreal CEGEP student performs live in studio"

Montreal CEGEP student performs live in studio
GUEST: Vikki Gilmore, singer, guitarist - Barry Morgan Show (CJAD800)

"Love Drake, Whitehorse, St. Vincent, Diana Krall and more? Try these Searchlight artists"

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Thousands of Searchlight entries sounds pretty cool, until one realizes that also means thousands of new bands and new music and weeks of listening and you're already freaking out about where to start, right?

We can help.

Just like last year, we've listened to a lot of music in the last few weeks and couldn't help but think, "Wow, this band could be the next ________," or, "I adore Feist. This person sounds like a kindred!"

So think of us as your personal Searchlight recommendation engine. In the gallery above we've selected some of your favourite bands and musicians and paired them up with their Searchlight counterparts. There's also a handy playlist at the top of this post so you can listen to all the Searchlight songs as you go through the gallery.

Follow Andrea Warner on Twitter: @_AndreaWarner - CBC Radio

"CBC Radio One Interview"

Teen musician raises money for lung cancer research:
Sixteen-year-old Vikki Gilmore has created an EP in light of her aunt's death with the hope of raising money for lung cancer research. - CBC Radio 1 Daybreak

"Searchlight Playlist: 10 young musicians you need to hear"

Don’t let their age fool you, these young artists have aspirations and musicality that is far beyond their years. One of the Searchlight trends we’ve noticed is that the talent is younger and better than ever.

These teens aren’t afraid to get raw and emotional when it comes to their songwriting. Just by listening to the lyrics of these songs, you’ll get the sense that they really came to compete in this year’s Searchlight competition.

Let us know which young musician impressed you most and remember to cast your vote before Monday, February 27th at

Who: Vikki Gilmore
Song: "Empty Past"
Age: 19

About: Vikki Gilmore is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Montreal who likes to draw on her surroundings for inspiration. She describes the songs on her first EP as being "journal entries from the past few years and a tribute to my city and home." This song’s simplicity and honesty is all part of Gilmore’s desire to write songs about the "human experience." - CBC Music - Monika Platek


Upcoming EP (2018)

-After All





-Another Look

Where You're From EP (2016)

-Where You're From

-On Your Own

-Empty Past 

-My Song


-The Nights Are All You Know


-Who We Are (2014)

Hope/Espoir EP (2014)

-Late Notice





“Montreal singer-songwriter Vikki Gilmore may be young, but her music breathes with a wizened lung and beats with a well-traveled heart. Blending a technically honed voice and a ultra-sincere indie-folk writing style, she enraptures listeners in abstract yet personal tales with universal themes like disappointment, longing, confusion, loneliness and self-discovery.” -Collin Miller, Graphite Publications

Vikki Gilmore is a Canadian singer-songwriter with a folk, acoustic sound. With songs inspired by everyday experiences, conversations and characters, Vikki's music is truly based on the vastness of the human experience. 

She released her first EP 'Hope/Espoir' in May of 2014, dedicated to her late aunt and the fight to end lung cancer. The French and English bilingual EP received a wide range of appraisal and Vikki was interviewed by CBC Radio One Daybreak’s Mike Finnerty concerning the project. 

Vikki's six-song EP called 'Where You're From' was released on March 18th, 2016 and is available on all download and streaming platforms. A music video for the third song, 'Empty Past', was released on April 3rd, 2016. A second music video for the track 'My Song' was released in November 2016. 

In the past year, Vikki has been performing around the Montreal area at various festivals and events such as the internationally renowned Mural Festival and POP Montreal among others. Having performed with a wide range of artists at a wide range of venues, Vikki has developed a strong appreciation for the art of performance and connecting with a crowd. 

Band Members