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Vikki V

Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Brooklyn, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Pop




"Fashion: What Are You Wearing, Vikki V?"

iPhone cover: From Etsy. "I call it my muff. I shampoo and condition and blow dry it."

Shoes: By Michael Kors. "I like basics. I have a pair in black and gold, too."

Hair: "I used to play bass in a local indie band. After we broke up, I bought a blonde wig and decided to go for being a rapper like I wanted. I released my new album in May. I love rap. In rap, everyone's a boss, whether you are or not."

Leggings: From Express. "Leggings are pants. Camel toes happen and I don't even care."

Shirt: From Kingsrowe. "I'm actually wearing this T-shirt backward. She's supposed to be on the back but deserves the front."

Necklace: From Express. "I love white and gold. It's classy and you can do it up any way."

Jacket: From Express.

Hat: From $un$et.Vintage.Flex (

Tattoos: By Evolved.

Microdermal chest piercing: By Evolved.

Nails: By Kim at CK Nails in Grandview. "It's kind of an abusive relationship. Sometimes I just get what I get. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

Lipstick: Vision In Violet by Maybelline Color Elixir.

Side bar:
Vikki V.

Age: 26

Job: Rapper

Hometown: Columbus

Neighborhood: Weinland Park

Favorite spring trend: “All white long nails with gold finger rings.”

Style icons: Pinterest

Describe you style: “Classy and urban.”

Photoshoot song of choice: “Fashion On,” by Vikki V. ( - Columbus Alive

"Make Way for Vikki V"

Former rocker turned rapper, Vikki V is set to turn heads and make a statement in the industry. Already having collaborated with numerous artists, released numerous mixtapes, and received radio play for some of her singles, she is set to release her first full album ATLAS this year. Her sound is different and extraordinary and its obvious this one’s star is only going up.

You can check out her website at Follow her on facebook at, Twitter @MissVikkiV, and Instagram @vikki_v#. Check out her music on Youtube at, Soundcloud at, and ReverbNation at - rudeboy mag

"Vikki V"

Who’s Vikki V.?
I split these up because it sounds weird together. Ha ha. I have some lyrics that explain Vikki: “I am who you want to be/need to be/soon became.” She was everything I wanted to be when I left my band: beautiful, talented, confident, successful, etc. At first I made all these rules I would keep her and the “real” ego separate but that’s dumb. Who wants to be cool in a secret life and not as cool in real life? Psh.

How you got started in music?
I’ve always been into music. I did marching band and choir in high school (nerd alert) and some small bands in college. I love anything creative and clearly hate the non-plugged in, outside world of calloused hands and farmer’s tans.

I noticed in your bio it says you used to be a rock bassist player. How a rock bassist turned into a hip-hop artist?
I have a tendency to be impulsive and put all my eggs into one basket, which is a hazardous combo. I just decided to play bass one day and joined the band about a month later. I was with them for 3 years, putting all my time into and sacrificing everything to establish us and try to get us somewhere. We did some things like open for the Von Bondies and did a small tour. When that all fell apart and I left, I had a bit of an identity crisis and didn’t know what to do … so I ordered a wig on eBay. Ha ha. Then I decided I needed somewhere to wear it and instead of being a normal person and thinking “Hey, I’ll just wear it out on fun nights,” I decided “Hey, I’ll just be a rapper and form this new persona.” So in August of 2011, I found a beat, wrote a song, felt it wasn’t horrible (even though I ended up scrapping it) and started from there. I like this way better because I am the only one responsible for whether I succeed or fail, but don’t worry …. I still play well with others.

What are your music influences?
Life. Ha ha. I don’t have any favourite bands or anything but I still listen to a wide array of almost everything. I have that elistist I-know-this-band-and-you-don’t knowledge (my ringtone is Grand Ole Party’s “Look Out Young Son”) but have a not-so-secret love for mainstream. I have a lot of people always telling me to look up this person, or go listen to that so I usually do. However, what really influences my music is a mixture of life, what’s hot now, what sounds good, and, honestly, a small part is based off of commentary/feedback. I had some ShoutOut reports where people considered me a joke rapper and it really irked me so I changed my style and tones to be more serious, even when I’m saying something funny. I had a girl tell me I need to write things that are more relatable so I wrote two songs that were more general that someone could sing and feel like it was about them than just relating to a story about me with a catchy hook. I do this for me AND them, but I’d never do anything that wasn’t true to me. In a way it’s like “all thumbs are fingers but not all fingers are thumbs” is that makes sense.

In today’s world, full of so many rappers and Urban artists wanting to success in the music industry, how difficult has been archieved this for you?
Surprisingly, not at all. Don’t take that to mean it hasn’t been hard work, but I have a strong business sense and a background in design so I came out of the gate looking established and professional. I’ve also been fortunate to work with great people as well. My sound engineer, Nate McDonough, has been/is in successful bands that have been signed by major labels, he knows how to make great music and is not afraid to say “you can do better,” which I really appreciate. The people I have been collaborating and partnering with know what they are doing and are solid in their skills. It’s a definite mixture of luck, intuition and skill at this point.

What has been the greatest moment as an artist?
Well, I haven’t been doing it for even a year yet and some shows I have coming up this summer will be beyond amaze balls but as of right now, achievement-wise, I would saying rating so well in Hip Hop Nation’s On the Rise competition to open for Drake. I ended up in the top 20% out of 1,500 entries and, even though I didn’t win, to place that well with a song that wasn’t even the final version and to have not even been in the game a full year was an honour. I was hard on myself about it, though. If I ever stop striving to be first, I might as well quit now.

Professionally, connecting with Mic Skillz will always be a top moment for me. It is so rare in life that you meet someone who is equally as passionate and driven as you are. We compliment each other very well and help each other in the areas each other may be lacking: I give him that pop/commercial edge, he helps me up my game and flows and we both push each other to do better. We’re about to go all Wonder Twin Powers on everyone.

Tiny Mansions Pt. II. Talk to us more about this record, how was the process recording and writing process different to the first part?
It’s written bette - Vent's Mag

"Feathery corsets and antler headwear hit Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week catwalks"

"...In between every couple of designers, spectators were treated to “art interludes”, including a humorous set by Ciseaux—an insanely talented singing cellist (Katie Schaan) with no shortage of witty banter. Another act who left a lasting impression was Vikki V, a raunchy rapper from Ohio doing some sort of hot-mess shtick on stage. (Still not sure how much of that was acting.)" - - Vancouver's Online Source


Goin In ft. Kidd Danielz
Run It Like a Boss
Textline ft. Jae Tere, K Nacole
Fire ft. Gill Graff
Resistance ft. G.C. da Biz, Kimberly Barr
The One
You Got Me ft. Kimberly Barr
Won't See You Again ft. D1
Don't Know How to Act
Fashion On ft. Doobie Bad Asz
Money ft. Mic Skillz



A former Midwest rock bassist, turned hip hop artist with a clever wit and sharp tongue, Vikki V is described as high energy yet relatable. Every bit a businesswoman as a talented artist, she's a walking brand that came out of the gate with a national scope and edgy vision. Vikki V has a sound that you just can't place; it's different, passionate and reflective of a musical evolution filled with grit, grind and continuous ambition.

Vikki V has been featured with numerous artists including Gryndhousz (cousin of John Legend), and was one of two artists (the other being recent Young Money signee Kene Wayne) on the pitch episode for a show spotlighting almost-breaking artists, filmed as Video City: Atlanta when it was picked up.

For Hip Hop Nation and OurStage's On The Rise competition to open for Drake in May 2012, Vikki V placed in the top 15% out of over 1,500 entries. Since then, shes been topping OurStage and Reverbnation urban charts while continually building up her social media fan base.

In 2012, Vikki V made live debuts a Columbus Red, White & Boom Independence Day Festival, Vancouver's Alternative Fashion Weekend, the Interfusion Music Summit in Palm Springs, CA, and was also set to make an appearance on Long Island morning drive time radio.

She has appeared on Occupy All Streets District II mixtape hosted by Quincy Taylor Big Heff, Founder of the Ohio Hip Hop Awards, and Jayonna Fabro, returned to Red, White & Boom Independence Day Festival for the second year in a row, and her singles, "Run It Like a Boss" and "You Got Me" have been featured on Coast2Coast Top Indie 50 as well as numerous underground mixtapes released on datpiff,, remixed for fashion shows, and other placements. Kevin Black showcased her presskit during his keynote speech at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards Industry Mixer 2013, presenting it to other names such as Cynthia Johnson.

Her debut full length album, ATLAS, is pushing the boundaries of what local and regional independent music can sound like in terms of production and content. It was recorded and engineered exclusively by Nate McDonough of Sound Cellar Recordings (credits: Waka Flocka Flame, Union Rose) and mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner.

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