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Vikki Wright

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Vikki Wright is smooth jazz, funk and r & b w/ rich vocals like honey in a hot cup of tea. Backed by her touring band, Philly Fusion Project, she incorporates songs drawing you into her lair for a performance that makes you feel like you're having a deep conversation with a friend...


Vikki Wright is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native who grew up in South Jersey. Vikki performed during her teenage years as a vocalist in gospel choirs, a violist and cellist in orchestras and music festivals and as a featured vocalist in various music groups-from rock to R& B, gospel to blues; jazz to classical music.

In 1992, she met friend and producer, Bill Jolly, keyboardist for Grover Washington Jr. and Teddy Pendergrass, as well as a host of other notable jazz and rhythm and blues artists. In 1994, she began working on her first demo tape displaying both vocal range and sincerity in lyrical content and composition. While working as a background vocalist for a variety of Philadelphia artists, an opportunity of a lifetime occurred when Vikki sang backup for pop sensation, Michael Bolton at the Philadelphia Spectrum. Vikki has also performed with Bill Jolly, as well as notable jazz bassist Victor Bailey of Weather Report and most notably, pop artist, Madonna.

By 1994, Vikki had performed in showcases, cafes, jazz supper clubs and coffeehouses at venues such as The Trocadero, The Blue Moon Jazz Club, The Last Drop Coffeehouse, in store promotions at Tower Records and at The Irving Plaza in New York City.

Most recently, Vikki has reinvented and reestablished herself as a force to be reckoned within the revival of the neo-soul Philadelphia music scene. Vikki packs houses at World Cafe Live in Philly, CBGB's in NYC, the Blue Horizon, Abilene's, the Pontiac Grille on South Street, all in Philadelphia, PA, Ogontz Grill in West Oak Lane (in Philly) and Grape Street Philadelphia in Manayunk (in PA).

With the release of her debut CD, "Tales from the Amazon", Vikki has created songs that reflect her experiences with love, empowerment and triumph. The combination of jazz piano, rock guitar, swing and Latin influences take you from a mellow mood to an upbeat dance mode and back again.

Vikki's unification of diversity and culture in her lyrics makes "Tales From the Amazon" easily identifiable by all listeners.

Vikki considers her voice her main instrument, although she plays guitar, piano, keyboards, drums, percussion and strings with proficiency. Her songwriting has been described "unpretentious and subtle, with a bite." She delivers her vocals with passion, sincerity but most importantly...honestly with uncomplicated arrangements.

Vikki's songs are based on her life experiences while others are based on the window she peers through into other worlds. Her vocals and styling have invited comparisons to Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, Erykah Badu and Sade. Songwriters and musical influences Vikki cites as inspiration are Santana, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Sade and many others...but Vikki is very much an original.


Jazzin' On A Sunday Afternoon

Written By: Vikki Wright

Jazzin' On A Sunday Afternoon

Maybe we could go outside
or take a ride on the Drive
Doesn't matter what we do
It's just nice spending time with you...on a Sunday Afternoon

The Other Woman

Written By: Vikki Wright

I don't need a man to tell me that it's alright
I don't need a man to tell me he don't care
I don't need a man to prove that I'm a woman
I don't need a man who won't be there

I'm a strong, black woman and I surely know the way I feel
I know what I believe in and now I know the deal

Why do I have to be the other woman?
The chick you stick on the side
Why do I have to be the other woman?
I won't for you to decide, no
Don't need ya, don't want ya, can't wait no more
Bye, bye baby
Baby, baby bye, bye
(I won't be your other woman)

I don't want no man who don't know when to go home
to his woman who stays up all night long
and I don't need a man who thinks he's always in the right
when he should realize he's livin' his life wrong


Did'ja think that...I didn't want a full-time lover?
Did'ja think that...I would stand for you to love another?
Why'd ya think that, I'd wait for you to take your time
I'm not blind
Whatcha talkin bout
You make me wanna shout...hey!



Debut CD Released, August, 2005, "Tales From the Amazon"
Currently carried at: Tower Records, Philadelphia, PA; Jazz West in Baltimore, MD, and
Digitally released to: Apple itunes

Set List

Welcome To the Amazon "The Viktro"
Thinking About You (Precious Time)
Get Out
Been There...Done That
Just Wonderin'
The Other Woman
After All
Think Ya Know
Get Up (Get Your Party Started)
Itch (Need a Scratch)
Wait On You
Bailando En El Sol
Jazzin' On A Sunday Afternoon
Some covers are done for sets over 2 hours (Sade, Anita Baker, and similar artists)