Jacksonville, Florida, USA
BandRockHip Hop

Viktr is a mix of alternative rock, metal, hip-hop, and experimental rock. The music is creative and original, matched with insightful and meaningful lyrics. Pooling from all ranges of musical expression, Viktr delivers arguably the most unclassifiably entertaining music heard in years.


VIKTR comes to us from Jacksonville, Florida and was formed from four very special musicians, vocalists and writers. Their unique style of original alternative rock is current, chart topping and ready for today’s crossover market with an edge.
Inspired and influenced by crossover artists such as Eminen, Linkin Park and Beastie Boys, they blend a unique musical style with excellent musicianship, great writing and super live performances.
Their intention is clear. They are in search of record distribution, and publishing with steady touring capabilities. Their Live shows excite and exude energy from the beginning to the end to help create a promotional buzz and feed a hungry for more crowd.
Their level of professionalism and determination is evident.



Set List

The Idea
Make-Believe in Overkill
Red Ribbons
Never Trust a Machine
Ships Sail