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Merrick, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Merrick, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Metal Hard Rock




"Vileborn Brings the Noise with Vileated EP"

Vileborn is an independent hard rock act that caught my attention recently. Their latest release “Vileated EP” is a complex mix of several genres, but in the end, it’s heavy. It moves fast through 4 songs, and pushes the boundaries of metal, rock, and even a little punk for the mix. There’s a lot to enjoy here, even in just 4 songs, as each one stands out as an anthem that will definitely find a home with many hard music fans.

From the introduction of “Plague the Day” to the heavy handed “Terminal”, you get a lot to balance out. “Pick Your Poison” and “Bastard” close the EP out and you get a fully scale rock approach, but not without some incredible metallic crunch. The guitar work on the record is good, and the drums definitely find a home with the singing and screaming really well done as well. This is a band that has a bright future, especially if they continue to work within the balancing act of metal and hard rock, leaving nothing behind.

Vileborn really comes through on this disc, and it’s one of the better heavy records that I’ve heard. If you’re a fan of Faith No More, then you will definitely get a sense for the way this band fuses groove metal and hardcore at times. It’s this sort of talent that is missing from a lot of the mainstream releases, even some of the stuff on Victory records. I found the EP to be really good, and heavy without being so heavy that it got annoying. “Vileated” EP is available through a variety of locales, including ITUNES here, and if you’re a serious fan of heavy music, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. These guys are only going to grow in fan base, as they bring some serious metallic infused music to the table.

You can check out their music video for “Terminal” below, and get a sense for the EP. It’s solid, it’s heavy, it’s worth your time! - Sell Out Records


New York Heavy Metal band VileBorn recently released their EP “Vileated”, it’d had been a while since I listened to metal, so I wasn’t exactly prepared to have my head explode when I started jamming this EP. The EP is a perfect 4 tracks long, perfect for a 10 minuet rock session in my bed room. The songs have a wonderful mixture of heavy metal and classic rock, incredible vocals, both clean & screams, not to mention the erupting guitar.

It’s always a big plus when I listen to an album and cannot help myself but move and bang my head to music. It didn’t take long for me to be on my feet while listening to this EP. Every track had something different, keeping it fresh and non-repetitive. The solos of each song, especially the ending track “Bastards” is incredible. I found myself reliving the good times I had listening to metal, reawakened the metal-head inside me. It’s a Great album that has tremendous replay value, and the heavy hitting breakdowns & riffs are enough to quench the thirst of metal fans and rock fans alike. I Highly recommend any fan of metal to check this EP out! - Punk Reviews

"Vileborn Music Review"

You know that feeling that you get after riding a roller coaster when your heart is racing from exhilaration and you just can’t stand still because of the adrenaline flowing through your veins? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you listen to the Vileated EP from Vileborn! From the first pummeling strikes of Plague The Day, the first track on the EP, I was hooked, and kept grooving to the music throughout the entire album. Vileborn has conquered the task of creating some great hooks and grooves without the stale aftertaste of a watered down sound. They have given thrash metal a modern feel with an in your face sound that will have you yearning for the mosh pit. Combining vocal stylings reminiscent of Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and heavy melodic harmonies, singer, Brandyn Vile will have you tranced and singing along through in every song! The Vileated EP is definitely a must have for every metalhead! - Woodbangers Magazine


Vileated EP - 2014



VileBorn is a fast rising hard rock act from New York.  Vileborn has been relentlessly performing and recording since early 2012 and have built a devoted fan base in their local region and across the rest of the world through social media. The band released their studio debut EP "Vileated" in January of 2014 and are notorious for their energetic and sometimes-outrageous stage performance.

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