Media, Pennsylvania, USA

Vilebred is the musical creation of songwriter Sam Vile and his unlikely band of savages. Pulling from a variety of alternative influences and following in the footsteps of brother Kurt Vile, this versatile and dynamic band is ready to take on anything.


Vilebred is a Philly-based experimental rock band, constantly churning out rich melodies, epic anthems and enough snark to make everyone a little uncomfortable. Following the footsteps of his brother Kurt Vile, Sam Vile is the musical architect that leads this circus. Vilebred prides itself on being a showcase of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, allowing for ornate arrangements or "stripped down" performances that still possess substantial sonic and lyrical depth. Artists like Radiohead, Fiona Apple, Elvis Costello, The Violent Femmes and The Pixies have impacted the band's members since their youth, and they all bask in the eclectic and experimental. They are a band that values live performance as inspiration and guidance in writing, shaping and editing their creations.


Lusty Dusty Kamikaze-LP (2009)
EEEP-EP (2011)
In the process of recording their third studio release, yet to be titled. Expected to be available by Fall 2012.

All songs are available for streaming and download at

Airplay on 93.7 WSTW (Wilmington, DE), Shippensburg University College Radio, West Chester University College Radio.