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1. Loathsome; disgusting.
2. Unpleasant or objectionable.
3. Morally depraved; ignoble or wicked.

1. Jazz or swing music.
2. The jargon of jazz musicians and enthusiasts.


During a considerably lengthy hiatus from the public eye, southern Ky metal adventurists, Vilejive have by no means been sitting idly, taking a break. After having gone through a certain reformation, Vilejive is very much still alive and exploring an entirely new sound. At the heart of this reformation is the union of six people, including the four remaining former members ( Matt Devore, Shelby Smith, Eric Curtis, & Luke McFarland) plus vocalist Tony Oswald and bassist Matt Shepherd... both also known for their work in Glasgow, Ky band, P.Y.L.O.T. Guitarist, Luke McFarland later left the band to attend college, and was replaced by former Seven Cycle Theory bassist, Chris Placco. In essence, a hybrid of talent, skill, and background is currently working to form a sound that can be described as nothing less than a hybrid itself. The word 'genre' means nothing to the music that is being manifested by these musicians, and is sure to mean even less in the future. An intellegent mixture of improvisation, complex structure, and the chord progessions & melodies of jazz, reggae, funk, and a little techno are all topped off with a slight dosage of metal to birth an aural experience that is both novel and powerful. What can be truly deemed "The New Vilejive," will be different than anything you've ever heard before and that's a fact they're proud of.

Brace yourself for the new Vilejive. You won't be expecting it.