Vile Red Falcons

Vile Red Falcons

 Tacoma, Washington, USA

Vile Red Falcons are a Rock band from Tacoma WA with a classic guitar driven sound that brings energy to both there live and recorded performances.


Since 2008, Vile Red Falcons have been descending upon the Northwest to deliver a new yet familiar breed of riff based rock. They make a bold sonic statement with churning over driven guitars and a bass and drum combo so solid and heavy that they make their own gravity. Drawing heavily on groups like Soundgarden, AC/DC, and Queens of the Stone Age the Vile Red Falcons put on an energy filled live show that is sure to please. Guitarist and singer John B belts out lyrics that are full of attitude, unashamed and truthful. Nate R paces the stage wringing unison riffs and moaning wah pedal sounds from his guitar while James B and Kevin K issue forth a torrent of pulsing bass and solid drums that anchor the group's sound. Once the Falcons descend on your town you're guaranteed to have a night so full of rock you'll be spitting gravel!


Under Your Skin - Full album released on Jan 13, 2012.

Vile Red Falcons - Self titled EP released on Oct 23, 2009

Set List

Like a Drug
Lazy Day
Devil Send
Double Fault
Shut up