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Pumpehuset, Copenhagen
Friday 01-12-2006 5 stars out of 6
Reviewed by Rasmus Larsen Wiin Monday 04-12-2006
Translated from Danish to English
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Sentimental catching pop / country-melodies of life and complaining cowboy songs.

Christmas lights scourges Copenhagen streets in an intimate red light at the December first night. The smell of street vendors “glögg” and roasted almonds helps light to capture the quietly flowing crowd of people in a cozy homey atmosphere.

In front of the Pumpehuset venue there is an empty courtyard. Not one human being is to be seen. Inside it’s totally different. Around the bar are several guests and facing the day's events to the sound of beer bottles that friendly encountering heads against each other. For a while laws of nature seems to have been suspended, and the river of people flowing slowly up the stairs to the hall where the pop / country group Vilhelm a few minutes go on stage. My friends and I join the other visitors and we walk in the hall.

The hall is located across the half-dark and the audience is fragmented into small clusters and summer to the sound of Keane dreamy melodies flowing from the speakers. Along each room whitewashed walls run a strong plank, and the church-like space provides literally a solid framework for this evening's event.
During tagspærene related project ears and bathe the scene in a warm yellow light. Keane’s music slowly fades out and Per Vilhelm is entering and currently afterward a weary sound of a guitar, accompanied by mouthorgan with towed step beyond the stage edge and merge with a standing and intense listening audience. Intro number sound best described as the aural equivalent of West lonely storms which slowly spreads the red sand over the meager landscape. Lead singer Per Vilhelm is wearing checkered shirt and tight jeans. Singer Julia Kjær Nielsen patter of little faster numbers coy on the ground in suede boots and half long pleated skirt. I would compare the two as a harmonious western couple from the middle of prairie.

The songs go from sentimental catching pop / country-melodies of life to complaining cowboy songs. All numbers come with profits, and considering that the group only played together for about a year and a half, it works great interaction. The audience knows the songs as "Bla Bla Bla," "You Smashed My Mandolin" and "Burning Ghost" and is interacting, while Per Vilhelm with small movements jump around on stage and with its slim body, hair, small glasses and full beard looks like the class nerd happy pinnacle of success. After a relatively short concert Vilhelm goes of the scene for long clapping and giving the torch on to the evening's second actor.

In January 2006, Vilhelm little recognition by the media, because they in GAFFA was chosen as the week's demo and got five stars out of 6. GAFFAs praise on the band encapsulates the essence of what Vilhelm has to offer and welcomed this first evening of December:

"Very seldom charm enough to carry a song, but we managed. By listening sitting Monday with a clear sense of being together with some lovely people with something relevant and entertaining at the heart (...)" Per Vilhelm singing and plays its country-inspired rock songs with the entire stomach, and it is simply a pleasure to listen to. "

Despite the group's obvious qualities of the record companies have not yet been willing to give it a record deal.


Vilhelm (4 stars out of 6)
Translated form Danish to English
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And now for something completely different: Behind the anonymous name Vilhelm is singer-songwriter Per Vilhelm who with his group grows music with absolutely hidden inspiration from American country, folk, roots, or in one word: Americana. The music, with instruments like the banjo and guitar lap steel - and even trumpet, clarinet and bells - and dressed with shirt and narrow tie. It was soon clear that Per Vilhelm is an excellent singer who is well-known to his genre and can deliver strong compositions in both high and low speed. The total of seven musicians behind him were also excellent, and although the term is sometimes almost too delicate and nuanced to the big stage and it is still relatively sparsely populated tent was Vilhelm absolute best day so far orchestra. (Four stars).


Vilhelm EP "Split Second vs. Lifetime"
1. Don't Play the Wrong Cards
2. Burning Ghost
3. And She Sings
4. From This Land
5. You Smashed My Mandolin
6. Jimmy

check out our myspace-page for more songs:



Vilhelm's music and lyrics is about making music that is determined to describe everything that goes on in Per Vilhelm's mind. It can be everything from day-to-day experiences to themes of political- or what-is-happining-in-the-world-character.
Per Vilhelm music contains clear reminiscences to older musicians as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and picks up the vibe from new artist as Bright Eyes, Wilco, Bonnie "prince" Billy og Ryan Adams.
What sets Vilhelm apart from other bands is that they play their music with clear references to american music in a straightforward and naive scandinavien way.