Vilhelm is rock-country-singersong-in their own kind of way with clear references to american rocktradition......whether you're feverish in the desert of Arizona or you walk around with cold feet in a dormitory in Copenhagen(Denmark). Overall the expression is focused around Per Vilhelms charm.


Vilhelm's music and lyrics is about making music that is determined to describe everything that goes on in Per Vilhelm's mind. It can be everything from day-to-day experiences to themes of political- or what-is-happining-in-the-world-character.
Per Vilhelm music contains clear reminiscences to older musicians as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and picks up the vibe from new artist as Bright Eyes, Wilco, Bonnie "prince" Billy og Ryan Adams.
What sets Vilhelm apart from other bands is that they play their music with clear references to american music in a straightforward and naive scandinavien way.


Burning Ghost

Written By: Per Vilhelm

Look at this man so strong he can carry his own weight and stand on his both feet
Look at him now ... come everybody and see
Once so weak and incomplete taking this world with one big sneeze
Look at his knees they´re shaking like the trees

There´s a burning ghost in the back and it´s almost trying to embrace me....

I don´t know shit about who is it? What is mine? And what is far away, is far gone!!
I framed a memory an painted it all wrong
You see, stars they don´t shine they just fool your mind throwing TV´s out of a hotelwindow-room
They can fool my eyes but they won´t fool me too

There´s a burning ghost in the back and it´s almost trying to embrace me....

And now I´ll try to recover from my wounds
If it wasn´t for all this gravity
Pulling down these heavy boots
then I would be lost and found and lost and found in the ground above you

You Smashed My Mandolin

Written By: Per Vilhelm

I dreamt my hands were strapped
and I sat helpless on a wooden chair
couldn`t say a word
and I heard voices I haven´t heard
ever since I was a litlle boy
and I was dying to get up
and I was trying to be tough
and I found out I was not alone
and I woke up to a voice too familiar to ignore
it told me that I´d overslept the 3´ world war

you smashed my mandolin
my heart´s not in it
my heart´s not in it anymore

I´m torn in a 1000 pages
I´m bored in my 1000 moods
airborne but not yet lifted
from the ground where I once stood

strum me a chord
and I stomp you a beat
not too fast and not too slow
and we can humm along
in our own special of key
untill they all get sick and tired of this song
I´m not lying in the dust
I´m not dying out of thirst
and I still have something to say
and if you don´t give a shit
I will make sure that you fit
into one tiny little braincell in my mind

And She Sings

Written By: Per Vilhelm

Julia sitting on the couch
reading the daily commercials
and I´m sitting with my guitar
and I ask if she like what I´m playing
and she says it´s too staight
she walks into the bathroom
on her way she trows her underwear after me
and I say ohhh go away
and now she is dancing in the shower
without me

and she sings
come honey feel my kiss
her siren song
on my strawberry lips
it won´t be long
you won´t be able to feel
before I break in the door
anything else but this

so maybe I should join her
and we can dance together
coz´I know it´s been a long long time
since I have touched her
where she likes to be touched

and we´re waltzing back and forth....


Vilhelm EP "Split Second vs. Lifetime"
1. Don't Play the Wrong Cards
2. Burning Ghost
3. And She Sings
4. From This Land
5. You Smashed My Mandolin
6. Jimmy

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