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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | INDIE
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"Determined and bold"

Two years is the time Jenny Carmicheal, alias vilify, has been to carry the popular Bass Drive Wednesdays evening from its humble beginnings at Koi Bar to Belmont, every Wednesday night became the rallying point for fans of dubstep . Having played alongside big names like Rusko, Benga and Skream, she manages to both attract the cream of its kind and promote artists from the local scene. Valuable contribution to a nightlife that the DJ describes itself as "unique and fascinating." Portrait of a woman determined and bold is not afraid to rock the house.

Among themselves. How did you discover that you wanted to be a DJ?
Vilify. I grew up in Toronto, a city known for its scene drum'n'bass well established. Around the age of 13 or 14, I went out already in bars where I attended the incredible benefits DJs. One Sunday evening, I was 15, I watched a DJ at work and suddenly I realized that I wanted to try my luck. I decided to save and a year later I bought my first "table". Even if I do not yet understand all the technical aspects, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do.

Among themselves. So you learned all by yourself?
V. Indeed. I locked myself in my room and tried to understand how it all! My parents have been evolving for a long time in the world of music, so I thought it would be natural for me. Ultimately, it took longer than expected, mainly because no one took me by the hand and told me what to do. So it was harder than I had imagined, but only in my room, I arrived after hours and hours of practice.

Among themselves. How was your first performance?
V. Four months after buying my "tables", I played in a bar in Richmond Street in Toronto. I really had to wait a little longer, because it has more or less smoothly, but you see the bright side: it's been an experience, at least. About a year or year and a half after buying the famous "tables", I produced in Halifax and there, it was much better spent. This is also from this point that I started to win contracts always more interesting than others.

In a medium composed almost entirely of men, I do not want my popularity is based on the fact that I am a girl.Among themselves. After two years at the helm of Bass Drive Wednesdays evenings, you still enjoying yourself so much?
V. I never approach the thing as a job and it's so nice as well. I have goose bumps just talking about! The crowd is really generous ... This gives a very positive response from the public. A hundred people starts to scream for joy because I balance a song that is popular, it's just as great sensation. It shows that people love what you do and I feel very lucky, although I always keep in mind that nothing is ever, especially in the middle of scenes and bars. But as long as there is a demand for the evening fun and people like me, I will continue to lead.

Among themselves. You played across Canada, in New York and Miami, with big names in the dubstep scene, including Skream, Benga and Rusko. No doubt you become more and more popular. How do you live with such success?
V. It is certain that sometimes it goes a little head and it becomes difficult to live, but when I know that over 400 people came to the evening, it makes me really happy. Or, it gets a little weird just walking down the street when, on the other side of the sidewalk, I launched "vilify Hey! "... It makes me smile every time because I know perfectly well that I do not really know this person, my friends, them giving me more of a" Hey Jenny! " Still, I can not help but be friendly with everyone. I could not be more sincere when I say that I really appreciate people who come to me and say they liked my performance or the evening. On the other hand, I can not answer for everyone, especially on the net, and then there, I feel ill at ease with people who took the time to write. With any luck, I'll find an agent to help me with all this ...

Among themselves. You move in a medium composed mainly of men. How hard is it for you?
V. I grew up with an older brother, I was always surrounded by guys. In fact, I'm pretty used to being part of the band guys ... I feel so comfortable with that. Of course, I like "Girls All Night", where there are only female DJ in theaters, because I love playing with other girls, but I wonder why they should advertise it. I want people to be impressed by the music I choose and not because it is a girl who made the play instead of a guy. In a medium composed almost entirely of men, I do not want my popularity is based on the fact that I am a girl.

Among themselves. How did you come to make your way in this environment and achieve the popularity that you know today?
V. In terms of explaining this success, I have no exact answer. Several factors have certainly contributed, as the playing of breakcore , where I can swing jazz, metal, hip-hop, almost anything eventually, so I can reach a large audience. But there is also an element of luck, you know, the right place at the right time . - Joelle Girard for "Entre elles"


Still working on that hot first release.



Montreal’s VILIFY has taken her city’s electronic music scene by storm. Founder and resident DJ of Montreal’s most popular weekly ‘Bass Drive Wednesdays’, (voted #1 Best Club Night in The Mirror’s Best of Montreal 2011) her night pushes the hardest and darkest Dubstep, DNB, Jungle and more.

Voted #2 Best Club DJ in The Mirror’s Best of Montreal 2011, she has built up an enviable reputation with her signature dubstep sets, versatility over the entire DNB spectrum & whatever else she feels like (hip hop, reggae, jazz, raggacore, breakcore, metal).

Appearing alongside the likes of Skrillex(X2), Skream, Benga, Goldie, Rusko(X2) Dieselboy(X3), Borgore(X2) Dj Hype, Nero, Bassnectar, Excision, Datsik, Starkey. At the 2007 Halifax DJ Olympics, she was the finalist. Vilify has played across the country as well as some of the hottest spots in the U.S. (L.A., NY & more) which proves that she can keep up with the big boys of bass.

Fresh off of a UK Tour, Vilify is ready to take the world by storm!!