Village Kollektiv

Village Kollektiv

 Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, POL

Formed in 2002, involving members of Polish folk/fusion groups: Warsaw Village Band, Masala etc. Fusion of electronics with sound of live instruments and vocals, inspired by Polish, Bulgarian and Gypsy heritage. Electronic part is breakbeat, electro, dub, drum&bass, nu-jazz and punk rock vitality.


Village Kollektiv was formed in 2002 in Warsaw as a project involving members of Polish folk/fusion groups: Warsaw Village Band, Masala and others.
Music generated by Village Kollektiv is the first Polish fusion of electronics with live sound of original instruments and traditional vocals. The musicians use melodies originating from the Polish Kurpie region and those collected from the people of the Bulgarian Shop region. They incorporate traditional singing techniques; throat singing from Tuva and the yoik of the Sami people. Original melodies serve as an inspiration for their own creation and instrumental improvisation. The Electronic music is a merger of breakbeat, electro, dub, nu-jazz, drum&bass as well as punk rock vitality.
After four years the band released their debut album "Motion Rootz Experimental 2006".
The album was nominated for a 'Fryderyki' - the most important Polish music business award. It also won a prize at the 'New Tradition' Festival organized by the Polish National Radio station.
Shows and tours that followed were a natural consequence of the success of the debut album, taking the band as far afield as Ollin Kan festival in Mexico City, where they perfomed in 2008.
2009 saw them performing at festivals in Poland, including the World Stage at major European event Heineken Open'Er as well as overseas - at the Polish Festival in Edinburgh, Eurocultured Festival in Manchester and the Lord Mayor's Thames Festival on the banks of the river Thames in London.
The horns section joined the band and Magda (well known for her work with Warsaw Village Band) returned from maternity leave.
At the end of 2009 the band released an EP with two new tracks plus remixes.
In 2010 Village Kollektiv were part of the international project "Unite: Gathering of Strangers" an album produced by Transglobal Underground. Both bands played at 'Days of Contemporary Arts' in Bialystok, Poland and performed some tracks together on stage.
Iza Byra – the vocalist previously known for her work with famous Polish modern ethno band Zywiolak, joined the band in November 2010 to replace original singer Weronika at some selected shows.
"Subvillage Sound" - the second Village Kollektiv album was released on 27th October 2010.


Staying true to their musical inspiration, the band are constantly developing their fusion of modern ethnic sounds and lead the latest international trends and achievements in world music. The new album is again at the forefront of Polish production in this genre and provides a unique cultural record for the rest of the world to see.
Not only do the band merge various styles of electronic music, but also dig deep into a variety of traditional cultures for inspiration.
Musical eclectism has been of major value to the band from their inception and has an even deeper meaning on "Subvillage Sound".
Horn riffs and lyrics based on Bulgarian, Romanian and Gypsy traditional poetry add a balkan element to the most energetic, danceable tracks on the album. You can also hear nostalgic melodies where Polish Kurpie and Podlasie conjur up images of deep forests feeding back with echoes and the Siberian steppe is in the air. Dub, dubstep, electro-rock are in dialogue with nu jazz and improvised melodies.
Flavours are added to this musical and cultural fusion by special guests on the album. The charismatic Pablopavo - singer with prime Polish reggae act Vavamuffin is featured. Daring musicians from Caci Vorba - the Cracow Gypsy band: Maria Natanson and Piotr Majczyna also appear, alongside the creator of multicultural musical project Indialucia and virtuoso flamenco guitarist - Miguel Czachowski.
Looking forward and with a respect to the past is the Village Kollektiv ethos, which they again prove on this new release.


"Motion Rootz Experimental 2006"
album, Open Sources/Antena Krzyku label, 2006
"Village Kollektiv"
EP, Open Sources/Antena Krzyku label, 2009
"Subvillage Sound"
album, Open Sources/Antena Krzyku label, 2010

Set List

Village Kollektiv shows are approx 70 + minutes long.