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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Pop New Wave




"Villainettes Set To Explode Out Of Australia"

Recently, we’ve been hearing from a lot of bands coming out of Australia. This week, one has definitely stood out. That would be the talented group Villainettes.

Made up of four guys who came together from the remains of three other bands, Villainettes come to us from Melbourne, Australia.

What I love about this band is their extreme diversity in each of their songs. Listening to “Death Notice” makes you feel as if you have just woken up early in the morning in the middle of a deep sleep. You’re awake, but your mind still might feel as if it’s still dreaming. The hazy song starts out with a simple drum beat, a chorus joins in along with some great music. As the seductive vocals start, it’s all over. I promise that it’ll hook you in and not let you go until it’s finished.

Moving from the sedated and hazy “Death Notice”, we have the song “Diamonds”. A complete U-turn from the last song in just about every way possible. However different, there is no doubt this song is just as great. The main vocals come back with a vengeance behind some strong indie rock style of music. There is a hint of Interpol and the Horrors in the song, but Villainettes have owned this sound completely and made it their own. I would have to say that “Diamonds” is one of the most unique Indie rock bordering on straight rock and roll song I have yet to hear.

With some pretty obvious influences from The Stone Roses, Joy Division and The Horrors, Villlainettes are one of the best new bands we have heard here at Soft Concrete. Only being born last year, these guys are definitely going to be making some noise in the music business this year, and later on too.

We will definitely be keeping you updated with news from them very soon, so keep an eye out! - Soft Concrete

"Villainettes At The Toff In Town"

The Toff was charged on Thursday night with the promise of something special, exciting a crowd who wanted to be one of the first to experience the live incarnation of what should become one of Melbourne’s newest buzz bands. Supported by Warmth Crashes In, the highly anticipated live debut of Villainettes definitely exceeded my expectations and was a performance to remember.

Warmth Crashes In were setting up as I arrived and before I knew it their soundcheck turned into their set. I wasn’t alone in not realising they had started, a lot of the crowd seemed surprised that the show had started without any clear indication of it happening but it didn’t take long for us to work it out. Their sound was really well conceived, at their best it was captivating and at worst they sounded like a cross between Joy Division and Holy Fuck – so still pretty damn good. Their heavy use of samples and backing tracks worked well for the most part but unfortunately made it really obvious when someone was out of time – which sadly happened more than once. Despite the occasional mishap though the set was still great.

The curtain opened onto a smoke filled stage and a pulsating blue ‘V’ emblazoned on the back wall created a fantastic visual and heralded the band’s entrance. The four members of Villainettes came onto the stage and wasted no time heading into their first song, instantly enveloping the crowd in their signature dark and synth-like guitar tones. As they began to push through their set, barely stopping between tracks, it became harder and harder to believe that this was their first ever performance, their translation from studio band to live act so well done that they already had an air of being established.

Despite being quite subdued in their movements, the quartet had a great presence and were entirely enthralling on stage and not an eye in the room was facing elsewhere. Michael Lindquist’s vocals were on point all night and the rest of the band were flawless as well. The swelling intro to ‘Dark Clouds’ was fantastic, improved by bassist Josh Dawes’ ingenious use of a beer bottle on the bass strings, and the song itself was a highlight of an exceptional set.

For their live debut, Villainettes delivered a performance that was above and beyond what anyone would expect from a band’s first ever performance. They’ve set the benchmark for their future shows very high with an auditory and visual experience that was, for all intents and purposes, stunning. These guys are definitely a band to watch in the near future. I know I will be keeping my eyes and ears on them. - What Sound Melbourne

"Villainettes From Paris"

Villainettes are the kind of unique and proggy pop band who break boundaries and pursue a wholly singular sound. Suffice to say, they know where it's at. The stellar production of this band entraps you, bringing you into a simply epic soundscape that often goes beyond the limits of human comprehension. See, Villainettes aren't bothered with a lot of the things that most bands concern themselves with, and this allows them to make some of the most poignant pop rock since Joy Division. This is not a band who are going to change for a scene, or a girl, no, there is something much more important going on here, the sort of rock and roll redemption that only comes once a generation. Villainettes are pursuing a sound that could become legendary. They have a unique take on popular music and it is strangely hypnotic, I could see myself listening to these guys for days on end. Just let yourself fall into the otherworldly magic of a band seemingly destined to succeed! - Two Guys Metal review

"Villainettes Self Titled"

Melbourne natives, the Villainettes, are heading back into Red Door Studios with legendary producer Paul ‘Woody’ Annison to finish off their upcoming self-titled EP in the next couple weeks. The three tracks that have been released thus far recollect the vibe of late 1990s and early 2000s melancholy indie rock; striking comparisons to groups like The Wallflowers, Supergrass, The Killers etc. The tracks spout pensive, somber lyrics in true Joy Division style with an upbeat, prog-rock sensibility akin to groups like The Strokes and Spoon.
The first single is called “Dark Clouds” and is lyrically gloomy, as its title suggests, but with a poppy vibe that offsets its downtrodden demeanor and keeps the track pulsing along with a repetitive chorus: That’s the way, the way it goes now.
The second release “Death Notice” sounds like it could have been a hit by The Wallflowers circa 1996 with its morose theme of perusing obituary pages and simple, straight ahead rock & roll sound. The track’s lush, synthy guitar and dreamy vocals portray a more laid back Villainettes and amps up their indie-rock appeal in a rainy-day sort of way.
The third and latest release, “Diamonds,” is a faster paced, bouncing number that showcases the Villainettes’ post-punk appeal that can be compared to the sounds of The Killers or Jet. With a rumored music video in the works, “Diamonds” has the potential to become an indie rock radio hit. I’m personally excited to see the visuals they have in mind for this song.
Be sure to check the Villainettes’ Soundcloud page in upcoming weeks for theVillianettes EP! - Word Krapht

"Villainettes Feature"

Australia’s Villainettes have all spent time in previous bands, providing them with ample opportunity to hone their sound – what results is nothing less than amazing.

The act is able to provide new luster to the rock style with intelligent arrangements, catchy compositions, and a sense of depth that simply is unable to be found in current music. The interplay between the guitars, drums, and bass lines during a Villainettes track bolsters the replay value while quickly making fans of listeners. While each of the cuts that the band create are tremendously germane and effecting for the current crowds, the band’s overall style touches upon a wide swath of acts from the sixties, seventies, and eighties. What was once old is new again with the Villainettes – hints of Interpol, Sisters of Mercy, and the Smiths can be discerned alongside bold guitar riffs and sinuous bass lines.

Over the last few months, Villainettes have been creeping up the charts in a variety of countries – their latest batch of singles have hit the charts in the United States and broadly throughout Europe, South America, and Asia. The band is currently supporting their latest music video, Diamonds. The visual element of the track is as bright and as vibrant as the band’s effort, with the same dedication taken in the creation of a cogent video as the band takes in the crafting of their own music.

Make sure to visit Villainettes’s websites and varied social media profiles for more information about the band and hints about tour dates and new tracks. For those NeuFutur readers that are in Australia, the band will be officially launching the video for Diamonds at the Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne – tickets are AUD $12.25 and can be picked up on OZTix. Here’s to hoping that Villainettes release a full length that captures the same frenetic energy and inimitable style that has graced their previous work. With the sheer array of styles, genres, and approaches that the band has adopted with each track, listeners will have no idea where exactly the band will take them on future recordings. The only thing that fans should be confident of is that the resulting music will be some of the most honest and earnest that they have heard, while creating a heady experience that will stick with listeners long after the recording has ceased. - Neu Futur


Guitarist and Vocalist Michael Lindquist took some time out after their headline show at The Evelyn, to chat about Nirvana, resurrecting the dead, and The Richmond Tigers

With members drawn from three different bands, Villainettes came together last year, and have since released three singles, Death Notice being their latest. Joy Division, The Stone Roses, and The Horrors rank highest on their list of influences, reflecting the band's taste for upbeat pop covered with a goth shimmer. They've finished recording their debut EP with Paul 'Woody' Annison, and are currently working on their first full-length. Guitarist and Vocalist Michael Lindquist took some time out after their headline show at The Evelyn with New Gods, to answer a bunch of our random questions below.

An Album That Has Profoundly Influenced You As A Musician
ML: Well if I start at the beginning, probably when I heard Nirvana's 'Nevermind' for the first time. I still remember where I was and how powerful it sounded to me. I'd never heard anything like it. Great pop tunes.

The Strangest Thing To Happen At One Of Your Shows
ML: Strangely enough nothing too mental has happen yet. I'm still waiting.

Favourite Australian Band Or Artist Of All Time
ML: I don't do favorites, but The Go Betweens just popped into my head.

Last Great Gig You Went To
ML: Probably a local show in Melbourne. I think it was a Strangers From Now On show.

Last Great Movie You Saw
ML: The Wolf of Wall Street. I'd never seen somebody have coke blown up their ass until that movie.

Dream Merch Item
ML: My mate's band Fountaineer have Teabags. Fucking brilliant.

Favourite Australian City Or Town
ML: Melbourne and Hobart for sure.

Best Item You've Bought Within The Last Year
ML: I bought an Airline ticket out of Australia for a while.

Favourite Venue To Play A Live Show
ML: I don't really care where - as long as the sound is good. I would love to play The Palace, but I guess that ain't gonna happen now that it's going to be turned into fucking apartments!

Best Birthday You've Experienced
ML: 10th Birthday, got a motorbike. Was loving life pretty hard then.

Dream Collaboration
ML: Well if I could bring back the dead I'd be jamming with John Lennon, Kurt Cobain & Keith Moon & Phil Lynott to start with.

Favourite Footy Team
ML: I'm one of those tragic guys that follows the Richmond Tigers. Though they're depressing to watch at the moment, hopefully they'll win a flag before I'm dust. - City And Sound


Still working on that hot first release.



Born in 2013 amidst the ashes of three diverse Melbourne bands, VILLAINETTES create music from a dark and strange place. Their sound is driven by impressive shimmering synth-like guitars, pumping beats of claustrophobia and bass full of hypnotic grit. With influences from The Stone Roses, Joy Division, The Horrors and Simple Minds, VILLAINETTES have a distinct energetic restlessness burning in their souls.

Having previously recorded their debut EP with legendary producer, Paul 'Woody' Annsion and soon to embark on their debut album, this demon is now alive and kicking as they pack out some of Melbourne's best venues ! Months of manic writing, endless recording and constant hard work means that this quartet are eager and ready shake up the Australian music scene and beyond!

VILLAINETTES have already been receiving attention in the US, Europe & Asia with their three earlier singles, Dark Clouds, Diamonds and Death Notice currently being played on rotation on various radio stations around the globe (including KROQ) & some epic reviews are circulating as a result! An even bigger and better sound has evolved over the past couple months with new releases just weeks away!

With a worldwide publishing deal now finalized, this Melbourne buzz act continue to receive growing interest from labels and industry leaders on both sides of the pacific.

Band Members