If we cornered you in an elevator we would hold you down, tape your mouth shut, and throw head phones over your ears because our music needs to be heard.


Villains Trust is a band focused on music. Formed in Syracuse, NY this jam-rock quartet is the long harbored passion of frontman/singer/songwriter Mike Powell come to fruition. Hailing from Carthage, NY, Powell, a former Syracuse University and currently professional lacrosse star with the Boston Cannons, has captured world-wide attention with his outstanding athletic abilities, eccentric style and fan appeal. Yet despite the accolades of the sports world mike's true passion, his music, has sat on the back burner. ...... until now.

Having discovered and enlisted the talents of three Syracuse-native musicians -John Hanus (Lead Guitar), Joe Bell (Bass Guitar), Lewk "Coyote Thrust" Detor (drums) -the time has come for Powell's creative impulses to find a powerful outlet. Together this promising outfit has taken their individual talents and a broad spectrum of influences, and woven a tapestry of sonic power around Powell's soulful voice and story-telling lyrical style.

Villains Trust's music is an amalgam of the varied styles of the band members. The backbone of V.T. is it's rhythm section -Joe Bell and Lewk Detor. Together they bring a dose of jazz, funk, and heavy rock flavors to the mix and lay a steady foundation on which Powell can lay down his rhythm guitar work and moving, emotive singing. Yet, this collaboration would not be complete without the sweeping, and soaring, weeping and roaring guitar playing of John Hanus who wields his guitar like a paintbrush and brings color into the picture. This musical synergy is being captured and nurtured by friend, producer and collaborator, Eric "the Mook" Bukowski.

With the assistance of "the Mook", Villains Trust is currently undertaking pre-production recording for their debut CD with and is planning a summer of shows nation-wide to be kicked off memorial day weekend in Baltimore, MD.


Villians Trust EP-2007 JUNe

Villains Trust LP-late 2007 Engaged in Engagement

Set List

we are an original band but do mix in some cover tunes with our set. Our set can range from 45 minutes to 2 and a half hours all depends on the show

Proud Father
Scary Movies
Camo Toad
Similiar Soul
Covered Wagons
Old Man
My Baby Blues
In My Mind
Ocean Tale
Break It Down
Cut Down
Storm Will Blow You In
Song #1
Slow Motion Games
Keepin' Up With The Jones'
Missy's Song

Covers : We cover various genres including; Jam Band, Rock, Reggae, Blues, etc...Too many to list.