Villanova Junction

Villanova Junction

 Sarasota, Florida, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Electric psychedelic juices mixed with a frosty glass of cheap old school Rock & Roll. If "the Doors" had a love affair with the "Rolling Stones", Villanova Junction is their five headed child. Material includes organ, strings, harmonies, addictive guitar riffs, snappy 60's beats all on stage/rec.


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Villanova Junction formed in 2007. Early Villanova was shanty punk- inspired by Iggy Pop, the Doors and the Misfits. Nowadays, the band is more eclectic, maintaining the punk bend, but focusing heavily on instrumental complexity, harmonies and melodies, with recent influences from Cream, the Black Keys, Arcade Fire and the Beatles.

Villanova Junction provides a strong, entertaining show – opening hearts and engaging audience members. The band captured that same connection on their independent debut album "11:11." The album features 16 tracks, ranging from 60's mod beats to psychedelic punk to melodic instrumentals. The album was written as a story, so listen from start to finish to experience the full effect: the feeling that permeates from the heart of the band to the heart of the listener.

Villanova Junction was recently featured in Noise Ordinace II and the Sarasota Film Festival. "11:11" is available on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes. Single tracks include "Devil is the Man", "Drink with the Dead", "Silence" and "Fractal of Love".


"Villanova Junction/11:11" © 2011
Singles are listed and have prominent radio airplay in Sarasota, Tampa, and Orlando radio stations. This album is also featured on many online radio sites including Indie in the Darkroom, Spotify, Pandora and Groove Shark.
• Drink with the Dead
• Devil is the Man
• Silence
• Fractal of Love

"Villanova Junction/Villanova Junction" © 2009
Singles are listed and have prominent radio airplay in Sarasota, Tampa, and Orlando radio stations.
• Panic
• Out of Body
• Pirate Grace O'Malley

Set List

depending on the allotted set time...

1 Stranger to you
2 Drink with the Dead
3 Sunshine
4 Its only the End
5 Pirate Grace O'Malley
6 The Meaning
7 Profession of liars
8 Where we are
9 Anne Frank
10 Intro/Devil is the man
11 Perineum
12 Shake Rubberdoll
13 Samurai Logic
14 Come Inside
15 Silence
16 Fractal of Love
17 What we had
18 From the Jungle
19 The Keepers
20 Panic
21 When the city burns down