Villanelles are a four-piece project that draw heavily from their folk/pop and rock influences. From washy-meshes of sound, to well constructed folk anthems, Villanelles play what is true to their hearts and true to the hearts of their growing fan base.


Villanelles started in the beautiful summer of 2007, when long time friends Tristan Baribeau and Kevin Marcello decided it was time to start yet another band together. The two have been playing together for almost 10 years and continue to make music with one another. The addition of Evan Borden on the bass guitar set Villanelles rolling, with numerous gigs in the great Burlington, VT area. Playing songs Baribeau had written over the years, the band started to develop their distinct folk/rock sound. Now with the addition of Zane Gundersen on the keyboards, the band has continued to mold their sound, while writing and recording their debut EP "Sulferine and Each Others Uniforms." They also currently living together in order to grow as an entity while they work hard on progressing as musicians with a collective mindset.



Sulferine and Each Others Uniforms EP (2008)
Egan Studio Sessions (2008)

Set List

Villanelles generally play about an 1.5 hour sets, depending on the bill. They play mostly originals, with some select covers that are usually crowd favorites. They try to record all of their setlists in a top secret black book, where they can go back and see what worked and what didn't.