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Villa Rosa, the collaboration between Twin Cities MCs Muja Messiah and Maria Isa, is packed with everything fans could want from the duo. Flourished by Isa’s back-and-forth sing-song vocals and cutty Latino flow with Muja’s smart lyrical prowess and smooth delivery slides in like butter on bread.


Since 2008, Maria Isa and Muja Messiah have released several tracks together including “Royalty” from Muja Messiah’s 2008 release Adventures of BBoy DBoy, “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” off Muja Messiah’s 2010 mixtape M-16's, and “Never Let Go” off Maria Isa’s 2009 record Street Politics. There’s a unique chemistry between the Latin firebrand MC, singer, actor, and activist Maria Isa and Muja Messiah, a veteran of the Minneapolis indie scene who brings a heavy dose of politically incorrect satire laced with humor and narratives of daily life. With Villa Rosa, these two artists unite influenced by Spanish lyricism and Latino and Urban politics with hardcore street smarts to a full circle. Villa Rosa’s 14-track debut Blue Diamond Island was released in fall 2011 on Black Corners with production from Martin “Doc” McKinney (The Weeknd, Esthero), Benzilla (Brother Ali), Mike The Martyr (AG), Plena and DJ Turtleneck. Blue Diamond Island finds the two MC’s crafting a sprawling record influenced by Latin rhythms, reggae and left-field pop based in hip-hop sensibility.
Villa Rosa has performed throughout the country and in Puerto Rico. Since 2011 they have opened up for Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface, Dead Prez, Freddie Gibbs, and were a top highlight for the 2012 Soundset Festival. They currently have been promoting their latest EP “Exotic Paraphernalia,” featuring their single “Rocketship” which was highlighted by 2dopeboyz.comand Reviler Magazine. Be sure to catch Villa Rosa live and check out their Youtube videos capturing and empowering revolution to health and food awareness.


Exotic Paraphernalia (2012)
Blue Diamond Island (2011)

Set List

Blue Diamond Island
Watch Out
Bottle After Bottle
Jazzmine Love
Dance With The Devil
Leader of the Pack