Villa Zeno

Villa Zeno


Villa Zeno is a band with a she/male on guitar and vocals,a ginger on keys and a old "Belgium" on drums. The music of Villa Zeno has a mixed sound of old and new, fat and thin,beautiful or ugly, but especially music that you can sweat and dance to. Thats what we will do.


Villa Zeno is a band from the Backcorner(Achterhoek) from The Netherlands. Villa Zeno: Jonah Falke Guitar/Vocals, Timon Massop Keys and Bass(on keys) and Bjorn van den Boom Drums. Our music has a mixed sound of old and new,fat or thin and beautiful or ugly.We have been performing for a year now and have had the following gigs:

-OEROL Festival
-Habana Zomerfeesten Nijmegen
-Supporting act of The Brew (UK) - (in England & Germany)
and many more..

Just listen to our EP and read our reviews:

-3voor12 review:
"het trio brengt originele en dansbare muziek ten gehore swingende neo-soul" "Zanger/gitarist Jonah toont zich een waar podiumbeest" " indrukwekkende mondharmonicasolo van toetsenist Timon"

"The trio brings origional and danceable neo-soul music to you." "Frontman, Jonah, shows himself as a beast on stage." "Impressive harmonica solo by piano player Timon."

-Ugenda review:
"Het bleek weer een van die pareltjes die je soms op Valkhof of Habana tegen kan komen'ik stelde me zo voor dat we getuige waren van een David Bowie in de dop"

"It seemed like one of those pearls that you sometimes come across at Valkhof or Habana, 'I imagined that we were witnesses of a David Bowie in the making' "

"Strak, goed getimed, goed gekleed. Villa Zeno maakte de beloftes meer dan waar en nam de rol van openingsact waardig op zich"

"Slick, good timing, well dressed. Villa Zeno made their promises more than true and took the role of openings act worthily" German interview:
"Dass Villa Zeno m├Ąchtig Eindruck gemacht haben, merkt man daran, dass sie bereits am 12. Februar 2011 im Schwesterclub der Kantine, dem Yard Club Koln, als Headliner spielen werden"

"That Villa Zeno left a good impression to be asked to perform on February 12th, 2011 as headliner in the Yard Club Cologne, Germany."



At the end of 2011 we will release our first EP of six songs and our first videoclip, In Front of The Moon.