Lansing, Michigan, USA

A duet of positive electricity.
Artists who paint portraits through the movement of our fans on the dancefloor.
Rhythm, synth, guitar, beat, and the daily grind.


We don't expect to get anywhere as a band by impressing huge mega-label executives and by trying to get our own Hummer tour bus. We just want to play our music for everyone and take a little time to make sure people know that our fans are our greatest allies and mean everything to us. If you don't have enough money to get into our show, hey, we'll pay you're way in...just promise to dance it up! If you have a party at your house and want to kick it up a notch, shine the V symbol in the sky and we'll bring our lights and projector and turn up the heat a notch for you. If you have a charity event you want us to play at and can only pay us in homemade cookies and bread, our bellies will thank you with the upmost gratitude and we will work up a ferocious appetite on stage!


Recorded their first EP in the winter of 2010 at Gravity Studios and Chicago Recording Company in Chicago with Joe Peven.

Set List

Typical sets are 15-30 minutes depending on the show.

It's a party.

Shows can include trippy lights and video synced to us playing and the excitment of only two performers.

We have seamless sets where there is audio and visual stimulation 100% of the time we're performing.