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Vinca Minor

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band EDM Gothic


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"Matt Menovcik Review 1"

Seattle Times
May 18, 2007
Rope, Inc. He's not nearly as famous as Gibbard, but Matt Menovcik just might be as talented, though in a strange, nonmainstream way. While Saeta remains Menovcik's spooky main band, he has launched something called Rope, Inc. It has electronic and spacey edges, a shimmering setting for his deep, pained voice. The other half of Rope, Inc. is the brilliant producer Kramer, who collaborated with the singer to put out an EP released last fall and now an album called "Songs of Love & War." Kramer was a member of bands such as Butthole Surfers and Half Japanese, and produced notable works from Galaxie 500, Low and Daniel Johnston. (As well as the Urge Overkill/Pulp Fiction version of "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon.") "I recorded my parts for the album [voice, keyboards, programming] at my apartment, which I call Fish The Cat Studios," Menovcik explained, via e-mail. "I then sent the files I created to Kramer in Florida, and he added his parts at his studio, Noise Miami, and mixed and mastered it there. "Kramer really produced and arranged a lot of the songs on this album. He also added a lot of the instrumentation and had his wife, who I've never met, lend her vocal talents to several of the tracks." Menovcik met Kramer when he was sending around Saeta's second album. Kramer also produced a new Saeta album, "which will be coming out in Italy in early 2008 and we will be touring over there to support that. I haven't yet figured out what I want to do with the album domestically yet." Kramer won't be there, but Menovcik performs Rope, Inc. songs at Café Venus at 9 p.m. Sunday ($6). Tom Scanlon

- Seattle Times

"Matt Menovcik Review 2"

Seattle Sound - May 2007
Between singing lead vocals for Seattle trio Saeta nd playing bass for pop-punk outfit, Ms. Led, Matt Menovcik forms half of the shadowy, looping ROPE, INC.. On the duo's second album, Menovcik lays down electric piano and the gravelly vocals that haunt the album here in Seattle, while renowned producer Kramer (Low, Gwar, Pulp Fiction's "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon"" rcorded his own guitar work and arrangements in Florida. The result: a wandering dream-sequence of a record evocative of Beck, circa Sea Change. While most of the songs lean towards the sublime and ghostly, Songs of Love & War is saved from being dull or gloomy by its glittering piano work (notably in "Become"), the occasional catchy beat ("Hold") and above all, Menovcik's abrasive and spectral vocals throughout. -Erin Thompson
- Seattle Sound


Isolation (2010)- CD
Distorto 7" (2011)
Capital of Sorrow (2012) - CD



Matt Menovcik's latest musical project, Vinca Minor, began in the summer of 2009. Originally a Detroit native, Matt now resides in Seattle. He has been releasing his music on various labels including Italy's Ghost Records, Second Shimmy, and Fish The Cat Records. His debut release for Vinca Minor, Isolation, is somewhat of a departure, focusing less on the more traditional structured approach, instead highlighting the layers of ambience that were only briefly touched upon in past releases. Menovcik has also contributed a track to the Daniel Johnston tribute record, I Killed The Monster, with his project with Kramer, ROPE, INC., which also featured Sufjan Stephens, Mike Watt, and Dot Allison among others. He has performed around the US and abroad with his band Saeta, where he is the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, and the now defunct Ms. Led, where he was the former bass player. Menovcik has additionally been involved in film scoring for the past several years, scoring a full-length, I Awake, as well as several shorts. He recently finished the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Summer Intensive Program this past Summer. He has also had Saeta's song, You Fade, used in the hit Italian film Giorni e Nuvole. Vinca Minor recently released their sophomore album, Capital of Sorrow, with Second Shimmy again. Along with the release, Menovcik produced a short film of the same name to further enhance the experience of the album. Menovcik is currently supporting the release of that album as well as scoring a new full-length horror film, The Anniversary.