Vince Addesa

Vince Addesa


Get prepared for the "Big One." Vince Addesa's debut album, "Out of Time" is serious, funny, and straight from the heart. Vince's powerful rock voice delivers clear, strong, lyrical messages. Background vocals are performed by notable NYC vocalists: Curtis King, Patty Jones, and Lorraine Ferro.


Vince Addesa’s emotional and daring life journey molded him for exactly who and where he is today. This only child, schooled as a classic pianist in an Italian Newark home, busted out as a sexy 70’s keyboard slammer in Jersey rock/disco bands.

Transformed into a suburban executive by age 30, Vince built a successful computer company, but he most treasures the priceless friendships, which developed during the 15 years of corporate insanity. “When you meet Vince, immediately, you are enamored by his quirky presence, unique insight and complete honesty. His soul shows,” says Mark Barber of Barbershop Studios, where Vince just completed recording “Out of Time”.

Vince reveals that he was lead by God to sell the computer company in 2000. He believes he shortchanged God for many years. “I found Christianity in college, but shortly after, I fell back into life under Vince-power, not God’s”, he said. “ I always knew that God was with me, but I wasn’t always with God 100%. It wasn’t until I got back into church about 4 years ago that I really started a steadfast relationship with Jesus Christ. He’s given me better songs, a better voice and better inspiration than I ever could have achieved without Him.

“My deepest passion can only be satisfied through music.” Vince says,” I love to mix it up; Bach meets Bono, jungle drums with harpsichords, Biblical prophesy and love songs. It’s all about that unique sound, sparking emotion, enlivening the desire for more intensity. Music sends electricity through my soul.”

Vince has poured his entire being into his new CD, “Out of Time”. Vince is finally pursuing his lifelong dream and fulfilling God’s will as a singer, songwriter, and

"I think a lot of Vince Addesa's music is about experience and hope...being exactly who you are and not making any excuse for it"
Lorraine Ferro, award-winning vocal coach

"Vince Addesa's record is a triumph in recording sound."
Dennis Damico, DreamMakers Music LLC

"This record speaks volumes for people of faith"
Scott Barber, CEO, The Barbershop Studios

"A record that appeals to all ages."
Chris Anakute, Virgin Records A&R

© 2006 Vince Addesa


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Set List

2 1 hr sets

Covers include: Billy Joel ,Ray Charles, Bruce Hornsby, Cold Play, Five for Fighting, Elton John, U2, Green Day, Three Doors Down