Vince Charming and the New Americans

Vince Charming and the New Americans


The band plays Neo-Americana: a tasty blend of music that is a bit of rockabilly and ole school country, a dash of bluegrass, a hint of San Francisco psychedelia, and a pinch of classic rock. It is an awesome mix of Vince's great original songs combined with choice covers.


Vince Charming is a multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalist, who has been delighting California audiences for over twenty years. Charming was born sometime in the mid-nineteen sixties to the royal family of the little-known principality, Charmania, located in the Swiss Alps near the border of Italy and Switzerland. At a young age he showed an avid interest and proclivity for music, beginning to compose songs at the age of four. Sometime in the late sixties, while his family was vacationing in Southern California, Charming decided to hit the road to gain life experience for his blossoming song catalogue.

After returning from life on the road he was adopted by distant relatives in Los Angeles who raised him as their own. He led a normal life until he went off to the University of California at Berkeley some time in the early nineteen eighties. Here his interest in music was rekindled. As a leader, bassist, and songwriter for the ‘Lektrik Submarine, he helped pioneer the neo-psychedelic wave that hit Berkeley in 1983. In 1985 he formed and led the Coffee Achievers whose original and high energy blend of Rock, R&B, Reggae, and Be-bop thrilled Bay Area audiences. In May of 1985 he premiered his original Rock Opera, "The Artist", at U.C. Berkeley’s Wheeler Auditorium to a standing ovation. Written under the supervision of poet/author Ishmael Reed, "The Artist" tells of one man’s struggle to stay true to his artistic vision in the Reagan era.

For a brief time in the mid-nineties Charming relocated to Southern California where he became a popular figure at many of the area’s top acoustic venues including Highland Grounds and the Iguana Cafe. In the Bay Area Charming has appeared in such varied venues as the Hotel Utah, Jupiter, Last Day Saloon, Ireland’s 32, the Starry Plough, Blakes, the Oakland Metro, Ashkenaz, the Bistro in Hayward, Johnny Foleys, the San Gregorio General Store, Becketts, Epiphany Music in Santa Rosa, and the Marin Brewing Company. He has recently released a brand new CD, Five Reel Film. Described as “aural cinema”, this work presents five vintage Charming originals.

Vince Charming has now formed a great new band, the New Americans with electric and upright bassist, Rafael Pozos, and violinist & vocalist , Angela Hessler. Rafael originally hails from Santa Cruz and is a classically trained cellist. He leaned his chops while attending Gonzaga University in Washington where he played a variety of musical outfits. Angela trained classically in Missouri, but didn't discover fiddle music until she was in California and joined a bluegrass band made up of her geologist roommates. She most recently played in The Corkers (an Irish band in Michigan) and was part of the Fenians Irish Bar musical tour of Ireland in October 2005. Together the band plays a tasty blend of music that is true Americana: a bit of rockabilly and ole school country, a dash of bluegrass, a hint of San Francisco psychedelia, and a pinch of classic rock.


Giulia of the Broken Heart

Written By: Vince Charming

She arrives at the party mid-Saturday night (Giulia)
Off balance and all alone
The host can tell something isn’t quite right (Giulia)
In her own little twilight zone

Too young to give up hope
Not ready for something to start
Giulia of the broken heart…

In the morning she’s at the head of the class (Giulia)
The sovereign of Sunday School
Bathed in colored light from the stained glass (Giulia)
But still feeling like a fool

Too blessed to give up hope
Too blind for something to start
Giulia of the broken heart

Now Jesus loves and Jesus saves
He’s in all her prayers, in all her raves
Not even Jesus could save her now
But there’s one who could show her how

He’s got long brown hair and deep green eyes (Giulia)
Scars inside, scars on his face
Conceals his beauty, contains his lies (Giulia)
Knows his role, knows his place

Too old to live on hope
Open for something to start with
Giulia of the broken heart

Mother Mary stands at the church door
Sacred Heart who loves the poor
Does she hear our prayers, does she hear our cries?
Our beating hearts, our desperate sighs?

City Girl

Written By: Vince Charming

She’s the new girl on the 23rd floor
Quickly adding to the city’s lore
Out every night with her Camel lights
Her face made up, a mojito held tight

City girl how you have changed
Chaste and devout’s no longer in your range
City girl flirty, cool, and hip
More confident with each sweet, minty sip

Is it your father’s ghost that haunts you now?
His demons pouring out of every pore
He’s not there to make you cut your hair
Keep you in your place, eyes on the floor

City girl moving man to man
Each with one thing on his mind
City girl has her own plan
Leave the prodigal daughter way behind

Isn’t it lo……ove?
Isn’t it love that you’re looking for
Push comes to sho….ove
You let the right one walk out your door

City girl playing your games
Every café and bar knows you by sight
City girl who’s really to blame?
You’re lost in a fog of San Francisco nights

In Sanity's Reel

Written By: Vince Charming


Round and round and round she goes
Where it stops, he certainly knows
It’s the only thing he knows how to feel
He is trapped
In sanity’s reel

Einstein’s definition
Heard it years before
Do the same thing over again
Remain the same at the core
Expect a different outcome
With each endeavor in vain
No bit of pluck, not tenacious at all
Just a bit insane


What makes this so intriguing?
Keeps the remote at bay?
Hero’s doomed, there’s no way out
Should he press play?
Is his ingénue oblivious?
Or does she revel in his pain?
She knows how this will end
So who is it that’s insane?


Years and years spent spinning round
The same old lies, the same sad sound
The same brief joys, the same sharp pain
The tragic reel of the insane


"Five Reel Film" is an independent, solo release by Vince Charming. Described as “aural cinema”, this work presents five vintage Charming originals. Tracks can be sampled at Vince's website:

Set List

Vince Charming & the New Americans can play one, two, or three sets. Single sets tend to focus mostly on original material while two or three set shows typically are about 60% originals and 40% covers. Original songs include cuts from "Five Reel Film": "Giulia of the Broken Heart", "City Girl", "Cold December Dream", and "In Sanity's Reel." Other choice orginals include "Country Greens & Blues", "Helpless, Hopeless, Romantic", "Heart Condition", and "Flight". The band covers artists ranging from Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Elvis to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Byrds, Bob Dylan, the Band, to REM.