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"“Retooled Band Brings New Genre”"

Vince Dynamic’s happy, innovative music new to local scene

Six bands played at the Skyroom Friday night. I watched all six, but my purpose was to meet and review just one: The Vince Dynamic.
There was little I knew about the band except that it had once gone under the title The Books and after some renovation (changing a drummer and adding a fifth element; a girl) had blossomed into a new band.
The band wasn’t due to perform for a couple hours, and since my compadres were growing restless, I decided to go ahead with the interview.
The band started to lead me outside and as I was thinking, “Where are we going, it’s raining outside,” we’re out the Sky-doors and through the doors of a steel reinforced Dodge van, as the drummer dubs “The Magic Carpet Ride.”
Magic; I don't know. Carpet; Yes, and quite luxurious I must say.
I’m introduced to each member of the band: Delta student Crystal “Danger” Brown (auxiliary percussion/vocals) Chris Tanner (lead vocals/lead guitar), Cody Osterhout (drums), Pete Badour (bass guitar), and Adam Simmons (Moog synth/keyboards).
This is Vince Dynamic, formerly The Books.
Question: All right, let’s get these formalities out of the way so I can watch you guys play. How does this band compare to The Books?
Vince Dynamic: We kicked out the drummer, and got a new singer. Changed our name because we found out there was another band going by the same thing.
Q: So is this simply a name change or is this a new band?
VD: Definitely a new band. The style of The Books is still present, but we have definitely progressed. Our song-writing is way better.
Q: Give me a couple titles of your new stuff.
VD: Lemon-Lime, Dunktank, Sally (in excited unison) “Yeah Sally! That’s a good song, we wrote that song together.” (It’s apparent that these guys are close, an underrated ingredient to a group’s success).
Q: How would you classify your music now?
VD: …Happy music. Feel-good throughout your body.
At this point I said my good-byes and returned upstairs not knowing what to expect… happiness?
What I wouldn't realize until later was this band wasn’t just premiering its first show, it was premiering a new genre to the local scene.
The first song established this point immediately with an opening solo moog melody, a break, and the entire band following with commencement.
One person quoted the performance aspect of the band.
“They are…very like cartoons; not cartoons but animated; they are characters. They are cool.”
The neon Vince sign and strobe were nice touches, but the animated musicians brought enough to entertain the eye.
If there is any specific element that stands out in the Vince Dynamic would be the wind in Simmons’ Moog breaks, or the fire in Tanner’s guitar style, but it’s the unity of this band that plays muse to its unique flavor.
Six bands played, I was there to see one; Vince Dynamic.
- Delta Collegiate


The first CD released by Vince Dynamic is "Seasonal Signs," a ten track disk recorded at Sentient Studio in Flint, MI. It was released on May 20th, 2005.



Vince Dynamic performs a unique blend of jazz, pop, and intricate vocals to create a sound that not only draws your ears to listen closely, but will remain with you after they've left the stage. The members of Vince Dynamic layer catchy rhythms and melodies with innovative lyrics to bring you music that is uplifting and memorable.