Vince Dynamic

Vince Dynamic


Vince Dynamic creates a unique blend of thirst-quenching indie pop and a rather uplifting modern jazz. Playing a total of nearly 200 performances around Michigan and further, this five-piece band plans to continue this trend and extend its welcome to many acquaintances with full potential.


Vince Dynamic performs a unique blend of jazz, pop, and intricate vocals to create a sound that not only draws your ears to listen closely, but will remain with you after they've left the stage. The members of Vince Dynamic layer catchy rhythms and melodies with innovative lyrics to bring you music that is uplifting and memorable.


The first CD released by Vince Dynamic is "Seasonal Signs," a ten track disk recorded at Sentient Studio in Flint, MI. It was released on May 20th, 2005.

Set List

We usually play a 30 minute set.
This is our set;

Lemon Lime
Rocks at my Window
Operation Overcast
Albany Sqaure

Understand Me, Friend