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""Tumult" ablum review"

"Tumult" by Vincent is an imaginative instrumental CD that is, in a way, a conceptual album.The intent of this album is to reach into your mind and stir various emotions. The sound is worldly and yet traditional. The arrangements are definitely outside the norm. Since the CD is meant to envoke emotion, expect some romanticism, but also expect some ecclecticism. On that note, the arrangements are quite interesting, full and well-layered. Highlights are "Forest Glade Creatures, " which features an angelic harp and a very active woodwind arrangement. "The Tempest" is a wild and archaic blend of creative sounds. "The Takeover" is another big number and features some intense pipe organ and a cinematic flair. If you like John Williams with an interesting twist, you'll like this one - William and the Reviewer Team

""Cascade of Emotions" album review"

“Cascade of Emotions” by Vincent is a jam-packed CD full of new age instrumentals that explore many areas of the human experience. From tranquil to lively, romantic to horrific, the musical atmospheres developed through these tunes exude great diversity. “Exotic” represents a strong effort, radiating a very natural or native sound through the use of uncommon percussion instruments and a beautiful flute. “Slow Latin Melody” takes Vincent’s percussive and instrumental efforts to the next level, showcasing a more complex intertwining of lead and rhythm instruments. Over all, this CD delivers fresh new tracks that relax, excite, and invigorate. - Xavier and the RadioIndy Team

""Cascade of Emotions" album review"

Mood music (new-age) can be more than mere background noise. Unfortunately the genre is saturated with cookie cutter ?meditation? music and soundtracks for yuppie stone massages. Vincent?s authenticity is apparent from the first cut of Cascade of Emotions. Being a multifaceted artist (musician, former school teacher, and producer of children’s animated features) grants him the ability to express his compositional ideas in a multitude of layers throughout this record. Dreamy synths and strings abound, the unique choice of certain horn arrangements and other obscure tonalities etch his signature into this surreal sonic landscape. This musical variety is most evident in ?Imagination,? where unexpected changes make for a soothing yet intriguing listening experience. The drums on ?None Like You? present an expansive emotional element, perhaps the result of a song written for a person much loved by the artist. It?s easy to lose yourself in the textural layering of Cascade of Emotions, and perhaps that is Vincent?s intent. The fluidity of his compositions seem effortless, an accomplishment not easily met with such a variety of sounds at his disposal. Vincent has crafted an album worthy of the term ?new age,? with its varied colors and themes. MM - MM from Ear


"The Hills of Home"
Mix of Easy Listening and Contemporary Classical songs
"Cascade of Emotions" Easy Listening album
"The Fall of Telgar" soundtrack
"Fairy Kingdom" Easy Listening album
"Tumult" Easy Listening album
"Colors" An experimental Instrumental dance album



I play Easy Listening/ Classical and New Age music. I play keyboards and use various software programs to add sound effects when needed to my music and to edit the music.

My Easy Listening/ Classical music is very romantic and relaxing. The mood of the music can range from mellow to dramatic. I play Classical/ Easy Listening with a soft rock beat. All of my music is original. Some musicians my music sounds like are: Yanni, Enya, John Tesh, Kenny G, and John Williams.

I've been playing keyboards for 15 years, but it's only been since 2004 that I started composing music and I now have 6 albums. My latest album is entitled, "The Hills of Home."

I am looking to do music gigs and or concerts in the Easy Listening/ Contemporary Classical and New Age areas. I can play Easy Listening/ Classical favorites and or my original tunes. I usually play with a soft rock beat or without a beat.